Poll: Group seeks support for 24 female gov candidates

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A coalition of human rights organisations under the aegis of Women Group Cohort on Friday demanded the principle of “one woman, one vote” as Nigerians head to the polls to elect governors and legislators today.

They called on stakeholders to respect and uphold women’s right to political participation, freedoms of assembly, association, opinion, and expression, especially for the 1,500 women contesting the House of Assembly election and the 24 others in the governorship race.

The WCG said it would be deploying 400 observers in the election which has been scheduled to take place in 28 States, while the House of Assembly poll will take place in 36 States of the federation.

The WCG in a statement by the Executive Director of Women Advocates Research and Documentation Centre, Dr Abiola Akiyode-Afolabi, demanded that stakeholders should, “prevent election-related violence, as the country prepares to go to polls on Saturday,  March 18, 2023”.

She said, “As lead-women coalitions, we emphasise the principle of “one woman one vote” and the importance of creating an enabling environment for peaceful and inclusive elections that will deliver upon the aspirations of Nigerians while we frown against all forms of transactional politics, either vote buying or selling.”

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