‘John Wick’ movie star Lance Reddick is dead

Actor Lance Reddick, famous for his roles in The Wire and the John Wick franchise, has passed away at 60 due to natural causes at his home in Los Angeles, according to his representative.

The death of Lance Reddick struck many by surprise and has since left the internet space with memories and tribute to the actor.

The Wire creator David Simon released a statement to the Hollywood Reporter to express his grief.

“A consummate professional, a devoted collaborator, a lovely soul and a friend. This is just gutting and way, way, way too soon for any of us who knew and loved him to contemplate,” he wrote.

'John Wick' movie star Lance Reddick is dead

In a tweet, Wendell Pierce, Reddick’s co-star in the show paid tribute;

“A man of great strength and grace. As talented a musician as he was an actor. The epitome of class. A sudden unexpected sharp painful grief for our artistic family. An unimaginable suffering for his personal family and loved ones. Godspeed my friend. You made your mark here. RIP,” he wrote.

Reddick’s acting credits also include the sci-fi series Fringe and the action thriller White House Down. He was recently doing interviews for his role in the upcoming John Wick: Chapter 4 but chose not to attend the film’s New York premiere earlier this week.

His most notable role was playing Baltimore police lieutenant Cedric Daniels in HBO’s crime drama The Wire, which had a predominantly black cast, making it a rare and extraordinary experience for Reddick.

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