Lil Baby Displays Blood Diamond Earrings, Social Media Blasts Him 

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Most rappers would agree that in the age of social media, your image is just as vital as the music you’re putting out. Most of the artists at the top of the charts frequently lyricize about their lavish lifestyles. Meanwhile, it only makes reasonable that they occasionally share some of their lavishnesses online.

Most recently, Lil Baby reminded the public that, rather than being manufactured by human hands, his jewelry comes from the contentious African mines where numerous children are subjected to slavery on a regular basis.

Monday (March 20) saw the father of two flexing his flashy, larger-than-life earrings on his Instagram Story. “These ain’t lab diamonds,” he assured viewers, setting himself apart from the rest. “My shit out the mud, these real stones ??.” As he continued recording, Baby showed off more of his expensive outfit. He completed his look with Nike’s new Air Force 1 Low “Tiffany” colourway on his feet, and more silver accessories on his wrist and neck.

Lil Baby’s Earrings are Fresh “Out The Mud”


While some were inspired by Baby’s major flex, others in DJ Akademiks’ comment section made it known that the My Turn hitmaker’s video left them feeling disappointed. “A five-year-old without an arm in Sierra Leone is digging it up,” one person speculated. “Basically he got taxed for child labour diamonds. Ain’t nothing wrong with lab [made],” someone else pointed out. The general public is obviously unimpressed. However, another rap star – Lil Yachty – left a seemingly positive message about his friend’s foreign gems. “On God!!!” the former SoundCloud star wrote.

Elsewhere in the replies, another IG user explained the difference between Lil Baby’s diamonds and those which are made by humans. “One is found in nature and the other one is made in a lab. But both are real,” they shared. “The beef starts with the jewelry industry because lab diamonds cut the middle man and the process is cheaper and faster to make, that’s why the jewellery industry throws so much negative shade at it.” Are you a fan of the 28-year-old’s earrings?

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