Jeremy Albert Best updates — Idaho father in custody following murder of wife Kali Jean Randall and son Zeke’s death

IDAHO father Jeremy Albert Best was taken into custody by police following the murder of his wife Kali Jean Randall and his son Zeke’s death.

The Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call Saturday morning from a group of hunters, per a press release.

Authorities were informed that a man was in a sleeping bag naked on the side of the road and was making “odd statements.”

They responded to the scene and identified Best as the man. He was taken into custody and deputies searched the scene.

The police located Best’s vehicle and his child Zeke, who was found dead. The statement did not specify where Zeke was located and how the child died.

Police began searching for Best after finding his wife dead in their home on Thursday night. Authorities suspected Best kidnapped their 10-month-old, Zeke, and issued an Amber Alert for the child.

Best is in custody at the Bonneville County Jail and has been charged with homicide.

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  • Zeke’s cause of death not released

    The statement police shared following Jeremy Albert Best’s arrest did not include his son Zeke’s cause of death.

    It is unclear how the 10-month-old died or where he was located.

    Police found the baby’s body along with Best’s black Chevy SUV after responding to the call that Best had been located.

    It is unclear where Zeke was found.

  • Wife’s family releases statement

    Meg Fischer, Kali Jean Randall’s cousin has released a statement on behalf of the murdered mom’s family.

    “We thank all of you for walking with us during this time,” Fischer wrote, per Fox affiliate KIDK.

    “Our Zeke is now at rest with his loving mama and unborn sibling. The pain we feel is unimaginable and we thank everyone for their support.

    “You will never know how you have lifted our family up during this time.

    “As this is an ongoing investigation, we ask for privacy as we take time to process and grieve.”

  • Best booked in county jail

    Jeremy Best was booked in the Bonneville County Jail after police apprehended him on the side of the road.

    He is charged with homicide and will remain in jail until his arraignment.

    Police have not issued a cause of death for his son, Zeke.

  • Statement from Kali Randall’s family, part two

    Meg Fischer shared a statement from Randall’s family to East Idaho News that read: “In the wake of the devastating loss of our beloved Kali and her unborn baby, our family is overwhelmed with grief and sorrow.

    “Our hearts ache, and our focus is entirely on the safe return of baby Zeke. In the midst of every family’s worst nightmare, we humbly request privacy as we focus our energy on the safe return of Kali’s beloved son, Zeke.”

    The statement was shared with the outlet prior to Zeke’s death. The baby was found this morning and police apprehended Jeremy Best.

  • Statement from Kali Randall’s family

    Meg Fischer, Kali Randall’s cousin, told East Idaho News that she w as a “free spirit” after her death.

    Fischer said: “She was called to the mountains and made her home there. She was a lover of animals, especially her dogs.”

    “Motherhood was her greatest joy and we assume she gave her life protecting her children. We love her endlessly.”

    Fischer added that Kali was expecting her second child.

  • Amber Alert activated Friday morning

    An Amber Alert was activated on Friday morning to locate Zeke after officials responded to a call at Best’s home.

    Dispatch reportedly heard a disturbance on the other end of the line and sent officers to a home near the 4600 block of Skyline Loop, per Fox News.

  • Explaining Jeremy Albert Best’s disappearance, part two

    Authorities ruled Kali Jean Randall’s death a homicide and announced that Best was the suspected killer.

    They discovered that their son, Zeke, was missing and suspected Best had kidnapped him after fleeing the scene.

    Zeke’s body was found on Saturday and Best is in custody.

  • Explaining Jeremy Albert Best’s disappearance

    Jeremy Albert Best was taken to a hospital Thursday morning by police after disturbing behavior at a local general store.

    He was released the same day, however, authorities made the gruesome discovery of his wife’s dead body shortly after.

    Best’s wife, Kali Jean Randall, 38, was found dead in their home after Teton County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a disturbance.

  • More information to come

    The Bonneville Sheriff’s Office concluded in a news release: “Our thoughts are with the family of the victims involved in this case.

    “Further information about this case will be available at an appropriate time in the future as the investigation is still ongoing.”

  • Investigation ongoing

    The Bonneville Sheriff’s Office said in a news release: “At this time Bonneville County Detectives, Idaho State Police, and the Teton County Sheriff’s Office are processing the scene and continuing to investigate.

    “Idaho Falls Police Detectives and Agents from the FBI are also assisting at the scene. After a medical clearance, Mr. Best was transported to the Bonneville County Jail and booked for the outstanding Teton County Warrant.

    “Best will remain incarcerated until arraignment before the court.”

  • Zeke’s body was found by police

    Deputies apprehended Jeremy Best after receiving a call from a group of individuals who came across him sleeping on the side of the road.

    They placed Best in a patrol car until Idaho Falls Ambulance personnel arrived.

    Deputies were then able to locate Best’s vehicle, a black Chevy SUV, and Zeke’s body, according to a news release.

  • Authorities responded this morning

    Authorities located Jeremy Albert Best this morning after receiving a call from a group of individuals who were hunting in the area.

    The group notified police that a man was sleeping on the side of the road naked and making odd statements.

    They later identified the man as Jeremy Albert Best, per a news release.

  • Jeremy Albert Best in custody

    Jeremy Albert Best has been placed in custody.

    Hunters reported a man sleeping on the side of the road and making odd statements to authorities.

    They responded to the scene, apprehended Best, and found his son Zeke’s body.

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  • Keep an eye open

    Best is described as a white man who weighs 245 pounds and is 5 feet and 11 inches tall.

    He has green eyes and graying brown hair, according to the police.

    It is thought that Best is operating a 1995 Chevrolet Tahoe SUV in black with Idaho license plates, bearing the number 1T39349.

    Credit: Teton County Sheriff’s Office
  • Public advised to not approach

    Law enforcement sources fear that Best is armed and extremely dangerous.

    In a news statement, Teton County Sheriff Clint Lemieux stated that the public is not to approach or confront Best if they are located.

  • Kali’s brother says Best was ‘a normal guy’

    Brian says that he had Best described as “a normal guy” and that he was unaware of any problems in the relationship between Best and Kali.

    But now, he told People, that opinion has altered, adding, “Sometimes maybe you don’t know people.”

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