World’s Hairiest Man Has Hair Covering 98 Percent of His Body(Photos)

 With 98 percent of his entire body covered, the California man is officially the world’s hairiest. Larry Gomez is teaching the world about loving the hair he’s in.





“Being one of the hairiest guys in the world makes me special and I’m famous too,” Gomez, aka “Wolf Man,” told Caters News. “Not many people in the world have this condition — I believe six or eight people — and I am the hairiest one.”


The excess body hair is caused by a rare genetic disorder known as hypertrichosis that affects less than 100 people in the world. It also affects some of his family members, although women with the condition have slightly finer hair.

He explains he gets a haircut about once a month, but the hair grows back just as thick.


“Some people ask if it’s itchy,” Gomez joked. “No, this is my normal life.”


He explained that in his childhood he was bullied for his looks, but has since embraced his excess hair, especially after his recent marriage.

“I have to live with this because I have it, I don’t know other ways,” he explained.


Filmmaker Travis Hoefle, who profiled Gomez for his YouTube channel, “Wizard of Odd TV,” added: “He’s a very nice man and loves to make jokes. I can tell he’s a very caring person and a real family man. Wolf Man’s outlook on life is very positive and inspirational – life is hard, but you have to make the best of it each and every day.”


In other news, Congratulations as Nollywood Actress Uju Okoli Shares Lovely Photos Of Her wedding with actor Flashboy (Photos) 

  In line with this, Uju Okoli, a nollywood actress shared pictures of herself in a wedding gown with Flash boy in white suit. This is on a movie scene. They are looking great in it.



If there is no cooperation amongst them, I guess none of them will agree to pose for a picture that will go viral.


Just so you know, Uju Okoli and Flash boy have contributed alot towards the growth of nollywood. This is not the first time they are featuring in movies together. It’s always fun and enjoyable seeing them in movies.


They always make a good pair. They vibe together so well.
See photos below:





In other news, Nollywood Actor Mike Ezuruonye recounts how he escaped ‘permanent blindness’

 One of Nigeria’s most talented and versatile actor in the industry is Mike Ezuruonye recounts how he escaped permanent blindness.



Mike is well known for plating all kinds of roles in movies. Mike has featured in a couple of awards to his name.

Mike Ezuronye caused panic and fear among his fans a few hours ago after he shared a photo of his face with several scars all over. Some fans have reacted to the recent photo of the actor.


The actor has disclosed that the scars are fake as he was getting prepared for a movie shoot so he had to be dressed up with makeup.


In other news, How Does Dad Feed Them? Cute Photo of Large Family of 7 Girls, 1 Boy with Pregnant Mom Generates Reactions (Photos)

 A picture of a family of 10 (with one on the way) has been shared on social media and tweeps are feeling all kinds of ways.

While many are asking logistical questions regarding finances, others took the opportunity to share some memes.


The post was shared on Twitter by

@BreAsia__ who said she wants her family to be that big

A picture of a rather large family has gone viral on social media. Twitter user



@BreAsia__ shared an image of the family of ten (with one on the way) to the social networking site with the caption reading: “How big I want (my) family.”

There have been various responses to the large family on Twitter. While some felt admiration towards the parents for having so many kids, others asked questions about expenses and time management.

The post was uploaded over the weekend and has already gained over 4 000 likes, over 3 000 quote tweets and the retweets are closing in on 1 000.


 This large family has tweeps feeling all kinds of ways. Source: @BreAsia_ / Twitter.


Take a look at the original post below:

Take a look at some of the responses to the unknown family below:

@TheMoneyTruck said:

“And she preggo AGAIN. This man has lost his senses.”


@kay_unwritten wrote:

“Oh hell no! This family is beautiful but, dawg I would cry. That’s 7 girls? 7 different personalities. 7 different hairstyles.”


@NgolaBlink tweeted:

“This young boy is going to have a fight every day of the week. Be strong young brother.”

Meanwhile, earlier reported that an American couple, Karen and Deon Derrico, with 14 kids who had quintuplets, triplets, and twins, spoke to the media about what it takes to run a large house as theirs.


Their children are in this order according to their ages: Darian, 13; Erek, 8; twins Dallas and Denver, 7; quintuplets Deniko, Dariz, Deonee, Daician and Daiten, 5; and two sets of triplets.

The mother of the house said the family spends $3,500 (N1,335,250) for monthly food and she had to wash 18 baskets of clothes every week.


In other news, “Why Are They Always Together? Hmm” Fans Questioned As Ruth Kadiri And Bolanle Ninalowo Are Spotted In 20 Different Romantic Pictures Together (Photos)

 Ninalowo Bolanle And Ruth Kadiri featured together as husband and wife in numerous movies. When it comes to acting, the two are perfect pair.



They really know how to play the role of Couple in the movie, to the extent that you may think they are real couple.



Nino Bolanle and Ruth Kadiri are the best movie couple ,they always enhance their skills to entertain their fans.

Check Out These Pictures Where They Play Couple Roles.


1. Honeymoon.


2. One Night Stand.


3. What Keeps A Man.


4. What Happened Last Night.


5. Complimentary Night.

6. When A Player Falls In Love.


7. Don’t Play Me.


8. My True Love.

9. Men Are Scam.


10. Gateman.


11. My Love Language.


12. How Dare You?


13. My One True Love.


14. True Love Story.


15. Nino and Ruth.


16. Behind Her Mission.

17. Never To Fall In Love.


18. The Price Of Love.

19. When A Man Finds True Love.


Aren’t they cute?

But why are they always together on romantic part? Fans keep asking.


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