Woman’s life been turned upside down after her bank account was closed in a ‘name mixup’

A WOMAN left her bank for over 50 years after her bank account was closed by another customer.

Janet Hester from Chattanooga, Tennessee, suddenly received a notice in January that her Truist bank account had been closed.


Janet Hester moved banks after 50 years because a stranger was able to close her accountCredit: Local 3 News
Truist Bank admitted its mistake but it cost Hester money in fees and saw her abandon the bank to go elsewhere


Truist Bank admitted its mistake but it cost Hester money in fees and saw her abandon the bank to go elsewhereCredit: Alamy

Hester who had taken no action to close her account with the bank then received a phone call explaining how another woman had closed it.

The bank’s reasoning revealed a key security issue that allowed a complete stranger to meddle with Hester’s finances.

A Truist Bank employee called Hester to say that a lady with the same name came in and closed the account.

The bank then closed the wrong account after failing to pay attention to the woman’s middle name which differs from Hester’s.

“He said that it happened because I was the first one in the computer, which was Janet C. Hester,” she told WRCB.

According to Hester, the employee admitted that the woman who tried to close the account did not present any identification and was not asked for any.

“He said no he didn’t, so he closed the account,” Hester recalled.

“The only account that he didn’t close was my savings account.

“I guess maybe she didn’t have one or something.”

Fearing that she would fall behind on bills and would fail to receive her social security and state checks, Hester took immediate action.

However, the loyal customer was left bitterly disappointed and frustrated.

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She tried to get her account re-opened by the employee allegedly told her that it was not possible.

“I went back to the bank the next day and I took him a letter, closing all of my accounts with them,” Hester explained.

“I told him that because of the way he conducted business, that I did not feel comfortable dealing with Truist anymore, even though I had been with them for 50 years.”

All of her checks are now being sent to her new bank but she now owes late fees after her bills failed to be paid on time.

“All of my people that I had on autopay were calling over and over and over asking where their money was,” she said.

WRCB contacted the bank for comment on Hester’s case and received the following statement from Amanda Meyers, Senior Communications Partner at Truist:

“Thanks again for bringing this issue to our attention.

” I’m unable to confirm some of the details you’ve shared, but we’ve escalated the issue internally.

“As you may know, due to privacy, we’re unable to discuss client relationships with any other parties.”

The U.S. Sun has contacted Truist Bank for an update on the situation.

Meanwhile, a Bank of America customer saw $2,500 drained from their account while in hospital.

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