‘We’re not getting what we’re paying for,’ HOA residents fume after homeowner fined $100 a day for pet-friendly addition

A JUDGE has ruled against a Homeowners Association that wanted to get rid of a dog treat station that one of the members put outside his home.

Many members of the neighborhood fully supported the treat station and sent him words of support as he dealt with his HOA for almost two years.


An HOA member filed a lawsuit after his association claimed he could not have dog treats in front of his houseCredit: WRAL
The HOA threatened to charge the man $100 per day for the treats


The HOA threatened to charge the man $100 per day for the treatsCredit: WRAL

“We’re, you know, really happy you step out for, you know, your principles of what you believe to be right, because we think that a lot of people would have just caved by now,” Chuck Pringle said as he recalled his neighbor’s words of encouragement in 2022, according to local NBC affiliate station WRAL.

The argument was about who had the right of way between the sidewalk and the street.

The Bedford at Falls River HOA in North Carolina claimed that they had the authority.

In 2021, they threatened to fine Pringle $100 per day for the dog treat station.

However, Pringle’s lawsuit stated that property owned by the city was exempt from HOA control.

In May 2022, a judge ruled that, “The Declaration governing Bedford at Falls River does not provide authority of publicly dedicated right of way,” according to the documents.

Pringle saw this ruling as a victory.

He expressed, however, that after spending thousands of dollars in legal fees, he hoped to get that money back.

“I’m a retired paratrooper, an army guy. My retirement paycheck is not huge,” Pringle said.

Pringle’s attorney, Colin McGrath, said that he was also pleased with the court’s decision.

“We are pleased with the Court’s decision, which makes clear that the HOA exceeded its authority under the covenants. We look forward to pursuing Mr. Pringle’s remaining claims based on the HOA’s unauthorized enforcement action,” McGrath said.

Pringle’s lawsuit also accused the Bedford HOA of not enforcing rules as well as prohibiting on-street parking and political signs.

He believed that the HOA wasn’t fulfilling their contract appropriately and he and his neighbors were not getting what they paid for.

“The board’s position is that it always has and always will enforce the rules of all homeowners,” the HOA’s attorney, Weldon Jones, told the outlet.

The U.S. Sun has previously covered many HOA stories including one about a homeowner who was fined over $900 for trash violation he received no warning about.

The U.S. Sun has contacted the Bedford at Fall River HOA for comment.

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