Watford FC’s Unbeaten Run Continues Under Interim Head Coach Cleverley

Watford FC‘s Interim Head Coach, Tom Cleverley, expressed his satisfaction after the team’s 2-2 draw against West Bromwich Albion, maintaining their unbeaten run under his leadership.

The game saw goals from Edo Kayembe and Mileta Rajović giving Watford a 2-0 lead, before West Brom fought back with strikes from Brandon Thomas-Asante and Darnell Furlong to level the score.

Cleverley reflected on the performance, noting that while a draw and positive display were welcome, the team’s ambition to secure wins in such games was evident.

The Interim Head Coach emphasized the need for consistency in the Championship, highlighting the importance of building on their recent strong performances.

Cleverley shared his thoughts on the team’s mentality and the level of play they have showcased against tough opponents like West Brom and Leeds, indicating his belief in their potential.

He commended the players for their resilience and outlined the importance of analyzing the moments that led to conceding a two-goal lead in the match.

Reflecting on his impact as coach, Cleverley praised the dedication of players like Yáser Asprilla and Mileta Rajović, highlighting their contributions to the team.

The Interim Head Coach acknowledged the support from Watford fans and the positive atmosphere during the Easter weekend, expressing gratitude for the backing the team has received.

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