‘Tripping people up,’ fumes homeowner whose missed HOA payment became $3k fine in 6 months – now they could lose house

A HOMEOWNER has been stressed about possibly losing their home after a missed payment to HOA went wrong and they’re not alone. 

Joseph Matteucci is a resident of Rivercrest in Tampa Bay, Florida, and he believes the HOA is putting people in tough situations on purpose. 


HOA residents in a Tampa Bay community have been getting hefty late fees for a bill they were not aware ofCredit: Getty – Contributor
The HOA has threatened to foreclose their home if they don't pay the bills


The HOA has threatened to foreclose their home if they don’t pay the billsCredit: Getty

Matteucci explained his HOA said he missed a payment that was $150 and that with late fees it turned into $3,000 in just a few months in 2016, CBS affiliate WTSP in Tampa reported.

The HOA has said if the bills are not paid then they could foreclose the home. 

“They’re just looking for ways to trip people up, so they can really steal their home,” Matteucci said.

The homeowner said when speaking with the HOA he asked, “How do we resolve this?”

He said they responded. “You said you can’t resolve this.”

Matteucci spoke of how he has already had issues with the HOA from when he moved in and a $1,000 foreclosure bill got sent to him in his name.

“They’re just looking for ways to trip people up, so they can really steal their home.”

Joseph MatteucciWTSP

But the foreclosure bill was supposed to go to HOA.

Matteucci said he just paid the bill to not have issues but now with a second bill, he has doubts over the HOA’s character. 

“We paid everything to get it out of the way and then fight later,” Matteucci said.

“I don’t understand how they are getting away with this.”

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Matteucci has even insisted on just selling and moving out of his home to avoid any further issues with the HOA. 

“I don’t have to deal with that. I can just sell my house. I’m not going to give my money to crooks,” Matteucci said.


Another Rivercrest homeowner had reportedly been dealing with the same exact issue as Matteucci around the same time in 2016.

Luis Lopez said the HOA started to threaten to take his home after missing a $150 bill he wasn’t aware of. 

“This all started with just a $150 payment that they said they never received,” Luis Lopez, WTSP reported.

“They’re trying to take my house after we worked so hard to keep a roof over them.

“This is my life that I worked so hard for, and for them to just come in and take it.”

Lopez and his family fought in court to keep their home against the HOA’s demands for pay.

“We all make mistakes, but the unfortunate thing is if it does go in their favor, we’re going to lose our home,” Lopez said. 

After a yearlong battle in court, a judge declared the Lopez family could keep their home in June 2017, WTSP reported at the time. 

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