Tribute to late Mohbad spotted in New York (Video)

The tribute to the late Afrobeats singer and ex-Marlian Music signee, Mohbad, goes international as it is spotted in New York.

As candlelight processions take place in some states in Nigeria to mourn the untimely demise of the 27-year-old singer, a tribute to him is seen on a digital billboard in the United States of America.

Tribute to Mohbad spotted in New York (Video)

The New York billboard had different pictures of Mohbad with captions on it emphasizing the pain of losing him to the cold hands of death and how his legacy would live on.

“Will be remembered forever Mohbad legend are never forgotten RIP,” the text stated.

It is noteworthy that the police have exhumed the body of the late singer, stirring another wave of conspiracies as fans make shocking discoveries from his grave.

Watch the video below …

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