The study predicts that over 150,000 residents in Nigeria could be affected by increasing sea levels by 2050.

Around 150,000 residents in Nigeria are to be impacted by rising sea levels as of 2050 – the 8th most of any country in the world.
With rising sea levels proving a serious concern as temperatures rise due to climate change, the experts at Utility Bidder have revealed the countries that are estimated to have the most significant number of residents vulnerable to the impact of rising sea levels in 2050.
You can view the full research here:



Estimated Population Threatened by Rising Sea Levels








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Sea levels have been rising at an alarming rate in China in recent years due to global warming, and these tides are estimated to affect around 1.3 million of this country’s residents in the future. China has introduced sea walls along its coast to reduce the rate of erosion and to help protect the country’s residents from flooding. Still, barriers can only do so much to protect against the rising tides.
The United States is home to over 300 million people, and 310,000 residents are estimated to be impacted by rising sea levels as of 2050 – the third-highest number of affected people from any one country. This country’s coastline is expected to grow more than 10 inches taller by 2050, leaving residents vulnerable to flooding, particularly in states with long coastlines, such as Hawaii and California.
Further insights:
Utility Bidder has also used Midjourney to envisage the future landscape of some of the most at-risk cities and countries from rising tides. The 15 artist impressions can be viewed here and include the likes of Tallinn, Latvia and Tokyo, Japan.
James Longley, Managing Director at Utility Bidder, has commented on the findings from ‘Rising Tides’ and how climate change is impacting sea levels across the globe:
“The launch of Utility Bidder’s Rising Tides study follows damning news that 2023 has been recorded as the hottest year on record across the globe. The year will be synonymous with wildfire destruction across Europe, but the long-term effects of rising temperatures are not only being felt on land but at sea as well.
“Current sea levels are four inches higher than they were 30 years ago, and elevated predictions envisage that millions of people across the globe will be at threat from rising sea levels by 2050 – none more so than residents in China where over 1.3 million residents are likely to be impacted by higher sea levels.
“The United States is another destination where hundreds of thousands of citizens could be at risk, and the country’s coastline is expected to grow more than 10 inches taller by 2050, leaving residents vulnerable to flooding, particularly in states with long coastlines, such as Hawaii and California.
“Stemming the flow of rising sea levels may be a huge ask with world temperatures constantly rising, and we find ourselves facing a fate of some of the world’s most picturesque countries and cities being underwater, and up to 0.17% of the total estimated 2050 population in Bosnia and Herzegovina could be affected – more than anywhere else in the world.
“With this in mind, we’ve used AI software from Midjourney to create artist impressions revealing the devastating reality of rising sea levels for the countries and populations most at risk of being submerged by water – generating a selection of images to profile cities from across Eastern Europe and beyond.
“Hopefully, these images strike a chord with many on the damning impact of climate change and impact people to continue looking after and preserving these landmarks, as well as considering their own lifestyle choices to help the cause.”
“Statistics are one thing, but a picture can paint a thousand words, and the effects of climate change are no exception. We hope these images impact people’s own lifestyle choices, and prove insightful for all readers.”

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