The Joe Biden Needs to Quit ‘Movement’ Has Just Left the Station

A Washington Post columnist who has spent decades reporting on intelligence matters ― ranging from the CIA’s alleged involvement in the Nordstream pipeline demolition to PSD-11, a still Top Secret Obama-era memo that allegedly triggered the Arab Spring ― says Joe Biden should go.

David Ignatius contends that Biden’s age makes him too old to successfully serve another term.

“Biden would carry two big liabilities into a 2024 campaign. He would be 82 when he began a second term. According to a recent Associated Press-NORC poll, 77 percent of the public, including 69 percent of Democrats, think he’s too old to be effective for four more years,” Ignatius writes. “Biden’s age isn’t just a Fox News trope; it’s been the subject of dinner-table conversations across America this summer.”

He also suggests that Democrats should pick someone other than Kamala Harris for vice president. Harris has been stuck at just under 40% in the polls for going on two years.

Joe Biden and Harris Accomplished Their Mission

Ignatius argues that Biden and Harris accomplished what he believes needed to have been done back in 2020: stopping Donald Trump.

“But I don’t think Biden and Vice President Harris should run for reelection. It’s painful to say that, given my admiration for much of what they have accomplished,” Ignatius said.

Harris is less popular than Biden with a 39.5% approval rating according to FiveThirtyEight.

The president could face a vulnerable moment with the Republicans opening an impeachment inquiry that could potentially open the doors to Joe Biden’s bank accounts.

Americans Think Biden is Corrupt

Polling shows that Americans view Biden as corrupt.

“A new CNN poll shows 61% of Americans believe then-Vice President Joe Biden was involved in son Hunter’s business dealings in Ukraine and China,” columnist Benjamin Weingarten writes in The New York Post. “A majority, 55%, also believe the now-president has acted inappropriately regarding the so-called investigation into his son.”

Questions linger as to what Joe Biden was doing on two separate occasions in 2014 and 2015 dining with corrupt members of the Russian underworld, two of whom had connections with Russia’s Federal Security Bureau (FSB). The third was a Russian billionaire with close involvement in organized crime. Millions subsequently found their way into accounts linked to his family.

Then you have the allegation that Joe Biden accepted a $5 million bribe from Burisma chief Mykola Zlochevsky to remove the Ukrainian Prosecutor-General Viktor Shokin. Biden’s alibi that he pushed Shokin out because he was allegedly corrupt seems to be falling apart. House investigators will now need to interview Shokin and others who would have direct knowledge of the alleged bribe.

Then you have the millions that came to the Biden family through individuals with links to Chinese intelligence. Joe Biden met with at least one of those personally before that individual began a multi-million dollar business deal with the Bidens. A May 2017 email from Hunter Biden’s business partner James Gilliar noted that 10% of a deal in Louisiana connected with the Chinese military intelligence front company would have ended up in Joe Biden’s pockets.

Hunter Biden business partner Devon Archer noted that access or the appearance of access to Joe Biden was the product his team sold. Influence peddling is a criminal offense.

Ultimately, what could kill Joe Biden’s presidency is if it is proven that his administration actively interfered with the Hunter Biden investigation. Richard Nixon found out the hard way that the cover up of Watergate was much worse than the crime itself. Nixon could have dismissed the burglars as overzealous campaign workers who acted without his knowledge or approval. Instead he covered it up and obstructed justice.

Democrats seem overly eager to be part of Joe Biden’s cover-up.

Dem Social Media Influencer Suggests Gavin Newsom

Brian Krassenstein, a Democratic Party social media influencer, suggests that Ignatius is right. He sees Biden’s liabilities as too great and suggests California Gov. Gavin Newsom as a replacement.

“Then imagine a race between a Gavin Newsom and an aging, indicted/convicted Trump. While I don’t think Biden would lose, I have no doubt that Newsom would have a significant advantage over Biden and almost guarantee a Democratic victory in 2024. This would also give Democrats an incumbent advantage in 2028 when they may need it,” Krassenstein writes. “I know some on the left will be angered by this post, but listen to that voice inside your head. For the record I am a huge Biden supporter.”

John Rossomando is a defense and counterterrorism analyst and served as Senior Analyst for Counterterrorism at The Investigative Project on Terrorism for eight years. His work has been featured in numerous publications such as The American Thinker, The National Interest, National Review Online, Daily Wire, Red Alert Politics,, The Daily Caller, Human Events, Newsmax, The American Spectator,, and Crisis Magazine. He also served as senior managing editor of The Bulletin, a 100,000-circulation daily newspaper in Philadelphia, and received the Pennsylvania Associated Press Managing Editors first-place award for his reporting.

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