The Biggest Winners This Week at BetKing

BetKing, Nigeria’s leading sports betting platform, has been making headlines lately with some of the massive wins its users have been enjoying. This week, we take a closer look at how these big winners cashed out their winnings and what we can learn from their experiences.

First on the list is a user who bet ₦100,000 over the weekend and won a whopping ₦36,369,691.57. The punter’s incredible win was further enhanced by BetKing’s impressive bonus offer, which amounted to a staggering ₦12,123,230.52. To achieve this life-changing sum, the punter placed wagers exclusively on outright and double chance markets, as evidenced by the coupon code – 81X9-ANQTV-2-KTNR, which you can verify yourself on the BetKing.

Another user who cashed out last weekend placed a ₦1000 bet and multiplied his investment by more than 5,000 to win ₦5,316,830.70, boosted by a ₦693,499.66 bonus. To multiply their investment by more than 5,000, this punter relied on draws and played 7 straight draws to land a big win. Again, this can be verified on the BetKing website with this coupon code – 81XD-K7Y9T-2-YNGH.

Perhaps, most impressive of all is the user who bet just₦100 to win ₦4,474,879.65. Despite this win being smaller than the others, it was boosted by an almost 50% bonus of ₦2,119,679.84 and gained the punter a 40,000+ return on their initial bet. Unlike the other two bets, this user mixed it up a bit and played a mixture of overs, outright, combo bets and capped it off by correctly predicting that Barcelona would beat Real Madrid 2-1 in the El Clasico. You can also verify that win with the coupon code – 81XF-CPPKT-7-6G92


Over in the Jackpot section, one person missed out on the N5,000,000 grand prize by just one game due to a postponed match. However, they still won a prorated amount of N1,095,400 by correctly predicting 10 out of 10 picks.

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So, there you have it, some of BetKing’s big winners last weekend, with several others also winning life-changing sums of money with BetKing over the same period.

These stories of Betking’s big winners demonstrates that with the right strategy and a little bit of luck, you too can win big using the BetKing platform. However, it’s also important to note that responsible gambling is key as BetKing encourages its users to gamble responsibly.

In conclusion, BetKing’s big winners this week show us that it’s possible to win big on the platform with the right approach. However, it’s important to remember that gambling should always be done responsibly. Congratulations to the past winners, and congratulations to the BIG winners this week.

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