Tenant tackles Lagos landlord’s family for rearing goats

A tenant, Olayiwola Odebudo, is currently at loggerheads with his landlord, Mr Oladapo Oshin, and his family for rearing goats in the compound at 25, Old Ota Road, the Meiran area of the Alimosho Local Government Area of Lagos State.

Odebudo, who rented a three-bedroom apartment in the house, said the goats being reared by the landlord and his family members were messing up the compound.

In an interview with PUNCH Metro on Saturday, the tenant said he had earlier called the attention of the landlord and his family who are said to be Osun devotees to the situation.

He said, “I moved into the house in 2020. There was peace in the house. They told me they were traditional worshippers and I told them I had no issues with religion as long as we don’t infringe on each other’s rights. They are Osun devotees. His daughter (Osunteju) is the main pioneer.

“After a year, they wanted to hold their annual Osun festival, and I realised that they reserved some of the goats they bought for the festival. When I asked the father, he said they were not planning to rear goats, that they only left two goats that were pregnant and didn’t want to kill them. After some time, they began adding more goats, the goats became six in the compound and were messing up everywhere.

“The goats always mess up the front of my apartment. When I brought it to their notice, they said they would find a solution to it. They were giving different excuses. The goats used their horns to scratch the body of my car. I kept complaining but to no avail.”

Odebudo also cited an instance when one of the goats poured away the soup being prepared by his sister-in-law, leading to an altercation with the landlord’s daughter.

When the 83-year-old landlord was contacted, one of his daughters who identified herself as Ogunbiyi, took the call and asked to be allowed to speak on behalf of her father whom she said was resting and he is an old man.

Ogunbiyi said, “They have been having goats before he (Odebudo) rented the apartment. He (the landlord) is an Osun worshipper. This is the tenant’s fourth year in the house.

“As a town planner, I believe that if one rents an apartment and the place is uncomfortable, he would not renew the rent. I have tried to talk to him because they were living in peace before now and I am also close to Odebudo himself.

“They have been to the police station over this matter. The goats were asked to be caged, and they were caged.”

Contacted, Osunteju said Odebudo knew that the family members were rearing goats before he rented the apartment.

She said, “Before this man came to rent the house in 2020, everyone knows throughout – even in Ile-Ife town – that in a traditionalist house, they would have pigs and goats. He saw everything that we are Osun devotees, he was okay with it, and everything was going fine.

“He knows we are rearing goats. He knows the doctor comes to inject the goats before this matter started. He knows we perform rites for people with these goats whenever the need arises.

“I built a cage for the goats. The doctor advised that pregnant goats should not be caged for long and be allowed to stroll. We usually sweep the goat faeces whenever they complain.”

The tenant said he had petitioned the Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency over the matter to ensure that goat rearing in the compound was stopped.

“They should just make sure they do away with their goats pending the expiration of my tenancy,” he added.

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