Sunmbo Adeoye marks 10th wedding anniversary with emotional note, 2Face’s brother reacts

2Face Idibia’s baby mama, Sunmbo Adeoye pens a heartfelt note as she marks her 10th wedding anniversary with her husband, Pastor David Adeoye.

Sunmbo Adeoye expressed her emotions openly, writing a heartfelt and lengthy note to express her gratitude to her husband.

Sunmbo Adeoye marks 10th wedding anniversary with emotional note, 2Face's brother reacts

Sunmbo Adeoye and her husband, Pastor David Adeoye. Credit: sunmboadeoye / Instagram.

In her emotional wedding anniversary note, she shared adorable family photos including the children when had with 2Face.

She praised her husband for being a loving and caring father to all their children, especially her first two sons.

sunmbo adeoye husband and children

sunmbo adeoye husband and children

Sumbo and her family.

10th Wedding Anniversary note of Sunmbo Adeoye

“*HAPPY 10th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY TO US (2Hearts that beat as 1).*

It is said that love is special when it is true.
I believe love is most special when it is true, selfless and pure.
Our love is the most special.
You are the most special to me.
Thank you for making us special.

Many people say that once you get married, the romance is over. You do not know the pride I feel in our relationship, because there is no day that passes by without us filling each other with details, words of kindness and love. Thanks for being you, I love you dearly

Our strength is in our Friendship and it keeps getting stronger and better every day. Thank you for making this seven years garnished with love, peace and joy.

“Ekuro lala baku ewa”.
Our journey is Forever and 10 years is just a little fragment of what God has set before us.

When we were at the middle of great storm from every angle that anyone can imagine- Our Love proves that true love doesn’t fail. The more the storm, the more we were falling in love with each other. The more we were seeing how strong we are together. The storm helped us to see the strength of our love for each other.

Adesunmbo-mi, I LoVe you and I will always LoVe you. Thank you for 10years of Peace, True Friendship and Joy.

Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary to us @sunmboadeoye ❤️”

2Face’s brother, Charles Idibia reacts to Sunmbo’s wedding anniversary

2face's brother charles idibia

2face's brother charles idibia

2face’s brother, Charles Idibia

Charles Idibia amongst many others flooded the comment in response to Sunmbo Adeoye’s heartfelt celebration of her 10th wedding anniversary with her husband, Pastor David Adeoye.

“Happy Anniversary,” he wrote.

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