South Carolina Women’s Basketball Team Inches Closer to Undefeated Season

The South Carolina women’s basketball team, led by coach Dawn Staley, finds itself just two wins away from a perfect season as they prepare to face off against NC State in the Final Four.

The Gamecocks have been dominating the courts, remaining undefeated through out the season and aiming for the ultimate title.

South Carolina’s journey mirrors last year’s, where they carried a perfect record into the Final Four but were surprised by Baylor and UConn in the national semifinals.

In this year’s showdown, the 36-0 Gamecocks will take on the third-seeded NC State, making only their second appearance in the Final Four and their first since 1998.

Looking back at the history of undefeated champions in women’s NCAA Tournament, only four programs – Baylor, Tennessee, Connecticut, and Longhorns have achieved this rare feat.

The Longhorns were the trailblazers, achieving an undefeated season in 1985-86, setting the stage for future powerhouse teams.

Connecticut stands out as the only program with multiple unblemished championship seasons, with legendary coach Geno Auriemma leading the Huskies to six unbeaten seasons, including back-to-back victories.

Turning to the men’s side, perfect championship seasons have been scarce, accomplished by four different programs – Indiana, North Carolina, San Francisco, and Gonzaga.

San Francisco made history as the first undefeated men’s champion in 1955-56, paving the way for other teams to aspire to such greatness.

As the Gamecocks gear up for the Final Four clash, the basketball world awaits to see if they can join the elite ranks of undefeated champions or face a stunning upset reminiscent of past tournaments.

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