Shopping carts warning after Trader Joe’s customers report losing all their money and police say ‘trust your instincts’

TRADER Joe’s shoppers have been warned to keep their wallets close to them after a spate of thefts hit the grocery stores.

Cops in California have urged customers to trust their instincts if they suspect anything strange.


Cops have warned of thefts that have hit Trader Joe’s stores (stock)Credit: Getty

Officers at the Livermore Police Department have warned thefts have taken place at Trader Joe’s outlets.

Thieves have targeted unsuspecting victims by taking wallets from shopping carts.

Cops have urged Trader Joe’s shoppers to know where they are.

Wallets should be kept close to shoppers, and they should focus on the task.

Customers shouldn’t be distracted when in the store, according to officers.

Shoppers should never leave their wallets unattended.

“Remember, staying alert and taking proactive measures can go a long way in protecting your belongings and ensuring a worry-free shopping experience,” cops said.

The Livermore Police Department is not the only force to warn about thefts in-store.

Cops in Danville have urged shoppers to always remain close to their carts.

And, they should always keep an eye on personal possessions especially when they are putting their groceries in the car.

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Shoppers could also buy a carabiner that could give them an extra layer of security.

They shouldn’t assume their wallet or other belongings are safe.

“Thieves may take advantage of distracted moments,” investigators said.

The warnings come as officials in California continue to clamp down on retail crime.

California Highway Patrol agents made over 1,000 arrests and recovered over 180,000 stolen goods in 11 months.

Governor Gavin Newsom said the state is making more arrests than ever before.

Lawmakers in Sacramento have proposed legislation that would see repeat offenders jailed.

The U.S. Sun has approached Trader Joe’s and the Livermore Police Department for comment.

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