Seyi Tinubu did not send N15 million to Mohbad’s son – Omojuwa

A Nigerian man, Omojuwa, has stated that the president’s son, Seyi Tinubu, did not make any 15 million naira donation to Mohbad’s son.

The controversy arose when singer Bella Shmurda mentioned Seyi Tinubu in a tweet regarding the donation. Omojuwa, who has been discussing the issue with Seyi Tinubu, came forward to provide clarity on the matter.

Omojuwa revealed that he had been in contact with Seyi Tinubu regarding the donation. When Bella Shmurda’s tweet came to his attention, Omojuwa immediately forwarded it to Seyi Tinubu.

However, Omojuwa emphasized that Seyi Tinubu did not make the alleged 15 million naira donation. Instead, they discussed prioritizing the child’s education and providing immediate support to the family.

Omojuwa acknowledged the potential political implications of any action taken, highlighting the complex nature of the situation.

Omojuwa further explained that he advised Seyi Tinubu against getting involved in the social media frenzy surrounding the issue, as he knew that any statement or action would be politicized.

Despite this, they agreed to focus on supporting the child’s education and assisting the wife. Both parties were aware of the possibility of political exploitation in the current climate.

Omojuwa concluded by stating that in today’s world, one must navigate such situations in the best way possible.

Omojuwa said; “Seyi Tinubu didn’t donate N15m to Mohbad’s kid or family. I would know, because I have been discussing with him on the issue for several days. Bella Shmurda mentioned Seyi in a tweet and I immediately forwarded it to him.

“The same way I have forwarded tweets around policy interventions to him and he’s gone ahead to help advance causes. When I know the source of the relevant tweet, I message them to let them know I am helping to push the matter. This time, he called me and asked what he could do. I shared my thoughts.

“I said not to get sucked into the social media thing because whatever he said or did would be politicised. I then went on to say, irrespective of that, we should prioritise his family, especially his kid.

“He said he’d commit to the kid’s education and also support the wife immediately. But we also knew there was still a danger of that getting used against him politically – that’s the world we now live in. It is what it is, it’s why one can only move the best way one can.”

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