Sex tape leak victims deserve kindness, says Monalisa Stephen

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An actress and content creator, Monalisa Stephen, has said that kindness should be shown to people whose sex tapes get leaked on the Internet.

She spoke on the heels of a sex tape showing another actress, Moyo Lawal, which went viral last weekend.

She told Saturday Beats, “People don’t understand that celebrities are humans too. They fall in and out of love. They go through the same things every other person is going through. The difference is just that they are popular. When two adults record a sex tape and it gets leaked, the blame should be on the person who leaked it. I am not sure anyone would just wake up one day and choose to leak their sex tapes intentionally. It is not something to be proud of. However, when things like this happen, can society please be kind to the victim? They would be going through a lot at that moment; mentally, emotionally, even physically. They need our love and support, not trolling. We need to continue spreading positivity, as tomorrow is not guaranteed. We need to be kind to people always.”

On why her skits are now focused on street fights, Stephen said, “As a creative director and actor, I am versatile; and I believe in art diversity. I am not just into street fighting; I am into ‘art’ generally. It could be street fighting today, or stage act, and even music. I have recorded two singles already.”

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