Set to 100x: Meme Moguls (MGLS) Launches with Unique P2E Meme Trading Game, Ready to Rival Established Memes SHIB and PEPE

Most of us know someone who has profited big with memecoins. But we also know many more who have lost out by buying at the wrong time. And since memecoins, like memes, are usually only popular temporarily, it’s easy to do this.

So what is the solution? Meme Moguls, is a P2E game that covers the entire meme industry and more, giving utility. This means that it can have long-term value. Could this game do a 100x, just like other gaming and meme tokens before it?

What made Shiba Inu so popular and why is it floundering?

Although Dogecoin was the first dog themed memecoin to enter the world of crypto, Shiba Inu was the second, offering lots of potential for those who missed out on (the now old for crypto… and dogs) Dogecoin which was launched in 2013.

Although Shiba Inu is up a massive over 13 million per cent since it was first listed on Coingecko, it seems that further price action is limited, perhaps due to the size of the crypto. Shiba Inu currently has a market cap of over $5 billion and is ranked 19th out of all cryptos because of this.

In the past year, however, we see that Shiba Inu has been struggling, posting 35% loss over the last year. We know that crypto still loves memes due to the success of coins like Pepe and Bonk, but perhaps Shiba Inu is simply too big now to keep going up.

How about PEPE?

Pepe is a more traditional memecoin in that it is solely a meme. This is in contrast to Shiba Inu who started as a meme but has built their own blockchain, online newsletter, exchange, and more. Although Pepe pumped by 20% after the Bitcoin Spot ETF approval, it was corrected soon after. This has all been made worse by the fact that the PEPE Telegram and vault have been hacked. The Pepe team announced that transactions are now taking place by scammers and advised the community to be vigilant:

Pepe is down 18% on the monthly. It will be interesting to see, given that the token has no utility, if the price can recover.

Will Meme Moguls be the champion?

Meme Moguls sounds like it’s ‘just a meme’, but as a fun Play to Earn game, it has longevity and utility. Many crypto experts are predicting that P2E gaming is going to be the next sector to go crazy in crypto.

Although the game hasn’t launched yet, the different player modes and combination of fun, learning, and community, seem entertaining. Meme Moguls acknowledges that we all want to be financial Moguls and that by playing the simulated stocks and crypto trading game people can prove themselves as one of the Moguls.

Moguls win prizes and can also earn by sharing their strategies with other players who want to learn to trade successfully. While it’s too early to tell exactly what impact MGLS will have on the world, it’s exciting to see a project that profits from memes (fun fact – the global meme industry is worth billions according to Statista), while being more than a meme itself. Meme lovers must not despair though, another fun aspect of the game is winning, earning, and trading unique Meme NFT collectibles.

MGLS is currently in presale at stage 5 of a 7 stage presale, so there is still time to get MGLS at a discounted price. At a low market cap and a current price of $0.0036, a 100x seems easily possible for Meme Moguls. On the other hand, with Shiba Inu’s high market cap, and Pepe’s medium market cap and lack of utility, such a jump for these coins seems very unlikely.

For more information about the Meme Moguls (MGLS) Presale:

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