Russia welcomes China’s call for ceasefire in Ukraine

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, has praised China’s position paper to end hostilities in Ukraine and return to negotiations, China’s Foreign Office has said.

Lavrov met with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi in Moscow where he emphasised that the paper took into account the security concerns of all sides, the office said in a statement on Tuesday.

In February, China presented a position paper on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine calling for a ceasefire and negotiations.


However, top Western diplomats and experts reacted skeptically and with disappointment, saying that the 12-point document did not indicate any new initiatives.

The office said that during Monday’s meeting, Wang and Lavrov had stressed their roles in world politics.


As permanent members of the United Nations Security Council both China and Russia had responsibility for maintaining global strategic stability and promoting world development and progress, the statement said.

Wang travelled to Moscow on Monday for the annual meeting between the two countries.

Russia is increasingly dependent on Chinese support as Moscow has been ostracised by the West due to the Kremlin’s war against Ukraine.


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