Rebel Wilson Alleges Sacha Baron Cohen Misconduct in Memoir, Faces Denial

The release of actress Rebel Wilson‘s autobiography Rebel Rising, has been rescheduled in the UK and Australia following allegations against fellow actor Sacha Baron Cohen. Wilson’s book was launched in the US to much attention but its release dates in Australia and the UK have been pushed back, aligning with Wilson’s upcoming press tours. HarperCollins, the publisher of the book, made the announcement, citing Wilson’s promotional activities as the reason for the delay.

Wilson has caused a stir with her account of working with Sacha Baron Cohen, particularly during the filming of the 2016 spy comedy Grimsby. In the book, Wilson alleges that her experience on set with Baron Cohen was the “worst professional experience” of her career, claiming instances of feeling sexually harassed and humiliated during the production.

In response to Wilson’s claims, a spokesperson for Sacha Baron Cohen vehemently denied the allegations, describing them as ‘demonstrably false’. This has set the stage for a potential clash between the two actors as they navigate the fallout from Wilson’s revelations.

Wilson’s promotion tour for her book will take her to various cities, including Edinburgh, Manchester, London, Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne, where she is expected to address the controversy surrounding her allegations against Baron Cohen. Following her appearances on Kelly Clarkson‘s talk show, Wilson made it clear that the book covers a wide range of topics beyond her experience with Baron Cohen.

Baron Cohen, known for his bold comedy style through characters such as Ali G and Borat, has faced scrutiny before, but Wilson’s claims add a new layer of complexity to his public persona. The allegations come amid a broader conversation around misconduct and harassment in the entertainment industry, highlighting the importance of holding individuals accountable for their actions.

As Wilson’s book gains traction globally, industry figures like Ben Stiller, Will Ferrell, Seth Rogen, and others mentioned in her memoir have been brought into the spotlight for their contrasting behavior on film sets. The unfolding narrative between Wilson and Baron Cohen has sparked intense interest, with both parties poised to defend their positions amid growing public attention.

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