Real estate firm trains 350 youths

A real estate firm, Adozilion Homes and Realty, has trained 350 young men and women in real estate entrepreneurship.

The week-long training was held during a seminar themed “Eklisia Realtors Conference,” which was held in Lagos.

In a statement, the Chief Executive Officer of Adozilion Homes and Realty, Dr Adozi Simon, said the conference was aimed at equipping young realtors with the knowledge and tools needed to thrive in the dynamic Nigerian real estate market.

Simon said, “There is a very critical housing deficit in Nigeria. Millions lack adequate shelter, and bridging this gap requires innovative solutions and partnerships.”

He explained that Adozillion Homes and Realty organised the event to empower and transform 350 young entrepreneurs and give them the necessary knowledge to excel in the real estate sector.

He added, “We believe in empowering realtors and recognising excellence to contribute to the growth and success of the entire industry, and that is why we have trained and empowered over 350 of you young men and women at this conference.

 “The future of the Nigerian housing industry lies in collaboration, innovation, and a commitment to inclusivity.”

He also highlighted the need for collaboration with the government to drive regulation, quality, transparency, and accountability.

Meanwhile, the Board Chairman of Adozillion Homes and Realty, Dr Sam Egube, acknowledged the challenges of rising cost of land, limited access to finance, and inadequate infrastructure in the country.

He urged realtors to be intentional in their approach and collaborate effectively.

Dr Egube said, “The poor is the man that thinks receiving is his only way out of poverty. Be intentional about how you collaborate with the government to drive regulation, quality, transparency, and accountability.”

Also, a keynote speaker at the conference, Dr Niyi Adesanya, lamented the rising housing deficit across the country.

He said, “Every Nigerian deserves a safe, secure, and dignified place to call home. Don’t ever ask for help if you’re in the midst of the one per cent (rich). The quality of your conversation can change your life.

 “The Eklisia realtors’ conference stands as a testament to the company’s dedication to advancing the real estate profession and ultimately paving the way for a thriving real sector and fulfilling the dream of accessible and dignified housing for all Nigerians.”

Adozilion Homes and Realty last year launched the Monte Carlo City in the Epe area of Lago State.

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