Punk Powerhouses Unite: Deaf Club, The HIRS Collective, & Fuck Money Release Blistering Split EP

In a tumultuous era marked by societal challenges, punk music emerges as a potent form of expression and resistance. Recently, three prominent bands, Deaf Club, The HIRS Collective, and Fuck Money, have joined forces to release a lightning-fast and impactful split EP that resonates deeply with the current cultural climate.

Leading the charge is Deaf Club, fronted by Justin Pearson of The Locust and Retox fame. The band’s hardcore-focused sound, characterized by relentless blast beats and raw energy, has solidified their position as innovators in the punk and grindcore scenes over the past five years.

Teaming up with the iconic HIRS Collective, considered a gem of queercore music, Deaf Club delivers a scathing critique of the ruling class and systemic oppression in their track “Biblical Loophole.” The collaboration on this opening song sets a tone of defiance and urgency that permeates the entire EP.

The EP takes a surprising turn with a high-octane cover of Nirvana‘s “Tourette’s,” reimagined and invigorated by the combined forces of Deaf Club and HIRS Collective. The rendition injects new life into the classic track, infusing it with a raw, unapologetic energy that is bound to captivate listeners.

Switching gears, Texan-based band Fuck Money brings their unique blend of genres, including elements of prog rock, hardcore, grindcore, noise, and industrial, to the table. With tracks like “Rat Queen” and “Alley Tricks,” the band showcases their boundary-pushing approach to punk music, blending melodic leads with aggressive instrumentation to create an electrifying experience.

As the EP unfolds, it becomes evident that the collaboration between Deaf Club, The HIRS Collective, and Fuck Money is not just a musical endeavor but a statement of solidarity and creativity in a time of turmoil. The tracks on this split release offer a glimpse into the vibrant, rebellious spirit of the punk scene and its potential to inspire change and unity.

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