Pilot on United Boeing 777 forced to return to airport after ‘poo from broken toilet flows into cabin’

A BOEING Pilot was forced to make a return to the airport after a foul smell from a broken toilet filled the entire cabin.

United Airlines flight 59, scheduled to reach San Francisco, circled over the North Sea before getting back to the Frankfurt airport.


United Airlines Boeing 777 was forced to return back to the airport after a toilet disaster (stock image)Credit: Getty
The aircraft returned to Frankfurt airport after taking off for San Francisco


The aircraft returned to Frankfurt airport after taking off for San FranciscoCredit: Getty


Soon after taking off from Frankfurt, passengers onboard the aircraft reported a “foul” smell coming from the toilets.

After an inspection, the cabin crew found that one of the toilets in the seven-year-old plane was defective, the Bild reports.

Passengers also reported that the contents of the waste tank overflowed and entered the cabin, making the situation worse.

The aircraft apparently made contact with the ground engineers, hoping they could help fix the problem, while the aircraft kept circling over the North Sea.

After the technicians could not find a solution for the ongoing flight, the pilots of the Boeing 777 decided to make a return to Frankfurt airport, saving the passengers from a traumatic experience.

A spokesperson for United Airlines told The Sun: “On Friday, March 29, United Flight 59 returned to Frankfurt following a maintenance issue with one of the aircraft’s lavatories.”

The passengers were provided with hotel accommodations overnight in Frankfurt – and were rebooked on a different flight to San Francisco the next day, the spokesperson added.

It comes after another flight operated by United Airlines was forced to make an emergency landing at an airport in Upstate New York in a turbulence incident.

At least 22 people aboard a Boeing 787-10 Dreamline were injured after experiencing “extreme turbulence” mid-air.

Seven people – of 312 passengers – were rushed to hospital upon the plane’s arrival while another 15 were treated on site for injuries sustained during the flight, according to New Windsor EMS.

22 people injured as United Boeing 787 Dreamliner hit by ‘extreme turbulence’ and forced to make emergency landing

The aircraft reportedly hit “high winds” while on approach to Newark Liberty International Airport and had to abort landing at the airport.

The flight, from Tel Aviv, was diverted north to the New York Stewart International Airport.

People onboard the flight were said to have complained of nausea and chest pains due to the turbulence.


AVIATION giant Boeing has recently experienced a series of dangerous jet failures, and the death of a company whistleblower.

Here are just some of the company’s recent troubles:

  • Boeing employee-turned-whistleblower John Barnett dies from an apparent “self-inflicted” gunshot wound
  • The FAA finds evidence of safety issues with the company’s fleet and processes, The New York Times reports
  • A window panel on a Boeing 737 is ripped from a plane mid-flight
  • A wheel drops from the bottom of a jet during takeoff
  • The 737 Max is grounded in countries around the world from March 2019 to December 2020 after 346 people die in two separate crashes
  • Debris is found in the fuel tanks of jets kept in storage 

United Airlines confirmed the incident late on Friday, telling aviation news outlet Simple Flying: “On Friday, United flight 85 landed at Stewart International Airport (SWF) after reported high winds at Newark.

“One passenger deplaned due to a medical incident, and a few other customers were seen by medical personnel for possible motion sickness.

“The flight refuelled and continued to Newark tonight.”

New Windsor EMS said the United flight was making an approach to Newark from Tel Aviv when high winds struck about 6.30pm, reports News 12 Westchester.

Meanwhile, another United aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing on Thursday.

Reported engine issues on a flight from San Francisco to Paris were said to have been the reason for a diversion to Denver.

Boeing, the world’s biggest plane maker, plunged into a crisis after a series of dangerous jet failures and the death of a company whistleblower.

The death of John Barnett from an apparent “self-inflicted” gunshot wound comes after a window panel on a Boeing 737 was ripped from one plane mid-flight – and a wheel dropped from the bottom of another jet during takeoff.

Just a few days ago, Boeing’s under-fire CEO David Calhoun quit following the string of disasters for the aviation giant.

Airlines and regulators had been calling for major changes at Boeing following a slew of quality and manufacturing issues on their aircraft.

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