Only those with laser-sharp eyes can spot the seven kitchen hazards in the traditional Holiday scene in under 45 seconds

TEST your eyesight with this tricky holiday-themed brainteaser by trying to spot all seven kitchen hazards in under 45 seconds.

Food lovers and puzzle fiends will thoroughly enjoy this festive brainteaser.


Can you spot all seven hazards in this festive puzzle?Credit: The Knowledge Academy

The puzzle created by The Knowledge Academy is designed to raise awareness of the dangers in your kitchen during the holidays.

It is hoped that the action of considering the hazards will make people aware of “how easily kitchen dangers can be overlooked,” according to its creators.

They added that this can worsen during “the most stressful meal of the year” when tensions are high and time is short.

The average person takes 45 seconds to solve the puzzle.

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Meanwhile, one in four players give up after spotting six of the seven answers, the kitchen safety experts say.

How long does it take you to spot the seven hazards?

Regularly practicing optical illusions such as this not only helps your cognitive ability and your patience but could prove useful in real life.

The brainteaser features a traditional holiday theme with garlands across the windows and chairs, a turkey and other festive treats on the table, plus a Christmas tree in the corner.

Each detail builds up the picture by adding depth and distractions to keep your eyes off the hazards.

If you are struggling to find them all, why not try dividing the image into imaginary sections and then searching each section closely, one at a time?

Scroll down to reveal the answer if you are continuing to struggle.

The most obvious hazard is the puddle of water on the floor in front of the sink, just behind the Christmas tree.

The sink also features another hazard – in the washing-up bowl, there is a sharp knife sticking out which could easily cut someone.

Also on the countertop, if you look near the steaming pan on the hob, there is an oven glove that has caught fire and an unstable bottle of wine that could fall at any moment.

Meanwhile, above the fridge there are cupboards, and on top of the cupboards is a plant pot that is balancing precariously on the edge.

A pile of plates on the table is causing the same danger.

Next to the plates is an overflowing trash can with flies already swarming the lid.

Each of these hazards could turn a festive day into a disaster, so keep an eye out for hazards at your upcoming holiday celebrations.

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Or, try and find the six snowboards in 20 seconds to prove that you are better than average.

If you could solve the puzzle in less than 45 seconds, you are better than average


If you could solve the puzzle in less than 45 seconds, you are better than averageCredit: The Knowledge Academy

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