OG Capital prepares youth for careers in finance

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OG Capital says it is helping African graduates prepare for global careers in finance, through the International Finance Certificate.

In a statement, it noted that it was poised to help youths avoid missing out on opportunities due to their over-reliance on the hope of succeeding at tech jobs.

According to the organisation, young African professionals often face challenges in competing globally due to outdated education and a lack of financial knowledge, and the national curriculum does not cover the skills needed for today’s job market.

It noted that statistics from the United States Bureau of Labour Statistics indicated a promising future for finance professionals.

“The global financial services industry’s immense worth, surpassing $20.4tn, underscores the vast opportunities available in this sector. The employment of Financial Analysts is projected to grow by nine per cent from 2021 to 2031, outpacing the average growth rate for all occupations.

“This growth equates to an estimated 32,000 job openings annually over the next decade. The median annual wage for Financial and Investment Analysts stood at $91,580 in May 2021, while Financial Risk specialists earned a median annual wage of $100,000 during the same period,” the statement read.

OG Capital’s Founder, Godwin Adoga, argued that Africans needed new qualifications to compete globally.

Adoga said, “Africans who don’t have the same access to global education need new technical qualifications to be able to compete in the global job market and we are ready to help them.

“IFI Cert is a self-paced programme accessible to Africans, leading to higher interview success and increased salaries, fostering personal growth and contributing to economic development,” the statement noted.

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