“Not all women are after money” – Yul Edochie urges broke men to confess feelings to their crush

Controversial actor, Yul Edochie has gone online to motivate broke men who are crushing on wealthy women to confess their feelings to them.

The one-time presidential candidate opined that not all women are after money; he said that some are moved by the quality of a man, his looks and the way he reasons.

According to Yul, men should keep their confidence level high and if they have feelings for a woman, they should confess and not be afraid to do so.

In his words:

“If she’s rich and you, shishi no dey your side but you like her, tell her you like her. If you want to date her tell her. Not all women are after money. Some women are moved by the quality of the man, his reasoning, his behaviour, his looks. Tell her how you feel. She’ll eaither say yes or no. She no go kill you. Wether you’re rich or poor, as a human being keep your confidence level high. Even your confidence can make her like you. Money is not everything.


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