Nigerians need basic cyber security skills, says ICT official

The Managing Director of Olive ICT Foundation in Abuja, Adamu Paul, on Monday, urged internet users to equip themselves with basic cyber security skills.

Mr Paul, whose foundation is into broadband outsourcing, told the News Agency of Nigeria in Abuja that gaining simple cyber security skills and awareness was very important.

“It will help internet users to gain a holistic view of current cyber issues and how to perceive threats,” he said.


Mr Paul added that users should acquire basic internet skills by adopting good passwords and strong internet security controls, among others.

He noted that the importance of such skills could not be more emphasised with the fact that post-pandemic working behaviour and patterns are still being influenced.

“More than half of workers worldwide have returned to their offices or are accessing the internet from their office network, while some continue to work from home.

“Most of those working from home and even at work are affected by cyber threats.”


Mr Paul stated that some online reports reveal the gaps which remain in security awareness in spite of the risks and the evolution of hybrid working frameworks.

He said some people were still very likely to share their personal information and many would trust and respond to an email from someone they did not know.

“People think they know more than they do and do not want to learn, yet they are still taking unnecessary risks in spite of their growing awareness and understanding of cybercrime.

“So many have fallen for a phishing email or have had a malware infection very recently.

“This is compounded by the fact that most internet users believe they cannot identify an online security threat because only a few who have mastered basic cyber security skills can accurately identify ransom ware,’’ the Olive ICT Foundation managing director said.


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