“Na architect die?” – Reactions as man is buried in ‘house’ casket (Video)

A video from a burial has stirred reactions after the corpse of the deceased was seen being buried in a casket shaped in the form of a house.

Apparently, the deceased has gone home to his maker in a grand style as his corpse is buried in a luxury casket artistically designed.

"Na architect die?" – Reactions as man is buried in 'house' casket
House casket.

From the video shared on social media, many mourners, all in black clothes, had gathered to pay their final respects to the dead.

What had apparently caught the attention of netizens was the casket. Although the idea or reason behind the unusual casket isn’t known, netizens infer that it might be related to the deceased’s profession.

Watch the video below:

Reacting, anitatcoin said: “Person way no live for that kind of house”

9jaconnect wrote: “Na still under ground e go dey”

jayden_vickyy said: “Going to hell/heaven in style and aesthetic”

ace_tlg wrote: “Maybe he was a REALTOR before he died and could probably Ghana, cos nah dem dey always do things like this”

almufassaltechstore said: “Na architecture die ?”

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