N14 Million Debt: You’ve turned to Spider-Man — Media Personality Isaac Fayose tells singer Portable

Media personality Isaac Fayose didn’t hold back in his criticism of singer Portable after the artist attempted to evade arrest by scaling a fence. With a reported debt of N14 million hanging over his head, Portable’s actions were met with disbelief and ridicule by many, including Fayose.

Comparing Portable to Spider-Man, Fayose’s comments were a sharp jab at the singer’s desperate attempt to escape the consequences of his financial obligations. The image of Portable scaling a fence like the famous superhero added a touch of humor to an otherwise serious situation.

Fayose’s words highlighted the absurdity of Portable’s actions and served as a reminder of the importance of facing one’s responsibilities head-on. By evoking the image of Spider-Man, Fayose cleverly drew attention to the singer’s seemingly futile attempt to avoid the inevitable.

The incident involving Portable and his daring escape attempt sparked a mix of reactions from the public, with many finding humor in the situation while others expressed concern over the singer’s financial troubles. Fayose’s pointed remarks added another layer to the conversation, showcasing the power of words to both entertain and critique in the world of media and entertainment.

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