"My wife Delivered Twins a Boy and a girl 8:00am Early This Morning I Can’t Keep My Joy", Man Celebrates As His Wife Deliver Twins After Several Miscarriages(Photos)

 A Nigerian Couple Samuel And Joy Olorunfemi welcomed a set of twins, a boy and girl, in March, 2023, after 14 years of waiting,,

Joy’s Brother, Ohimai Abraham Shared The Good News On Facebook, As Sighted By NaijaCover And He Wrote;

“IT’S LIKE A DREAM. Where do I even start from? “This woman you see here is my immediate elder sister. She was married and trusting God for the fruit of the womb since 2008.”

It has been 14 solid years of trials, temptations, mockery, disappointment, weeping, crying and dispair.

Men thought they had the final say throughout these 14 years. But Yahweh who rememberd Sarah has proven to men that Him and Him alone have the final say. He proved Himself in our lives by settling my darling sister with a balanced set of twins (a boy and a girl).

Since the news of her delivery got to me since Sunday last week I have been so overjoyed that i couldn’t even think of what to write and post. Now, I fully understand the meaning of Psalm 126:1-3:

“When the LORD turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream. Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing: then said they among the heathen, The LORD hath done great things for them. The LORD hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad.”

Indeed, what God can not do does not and can not exist. I beg make una join shout two solid Hallelujah to Jesus Christ our Lord.

Double Congratulations to my personal people Mr & Mrs Joy Olorunfemi Samuel Olorunfemi aka Papa & Mama Twins.

More photos below,

In other news, “May Is always Forming Strong Independent Woman When Judy Is busy Finding Her Ways To Pete Edochie’s heart” – Fans Mock May For Distancing Herself From Her home

 The family is beginning to accept JUDY because na her dem dey see everyday.

This other one leave husband house dey go snap pictures for yanky dey form say e no know anything like polygamy. They’ll soon collect your husband final final!”

In other news, See How Mercy Johnson Made Her husband abandon his three wives and children (Photos)

 A Nigerian lady identified as Rita Egwu has taken to social media to share new photos of the grown-up children of Mercy Johnson’s husband, Prince Okojie with his ex-wife.

In the lengthy post shared on Facebook, Rita Egwu suggested that Prince Okojie may not be taking care of the children, he had with his ex-wife.

Egwu wrote; “This was in 2011 but seriously what really is this? Like no divorce, you just remarry and start building a new family? It must hurt really badly to see your husband building a new family while perhaps neglecting his other children. I can never understand this but I’m lost for words.”

In another post, Egwu, whilst sharing photos of the grown-up children of the Prince’s ex-wife praised her for catering and nurturing the children despite her ex-husband negligence.

She then went further to advise women to ensure that even after separation, the man takes full responsibility for his children.

Her post reads; “Okojie’s kids with the ex wife, are quite grown now I see. I just found his ex on facebook.

“Well done ma’am! May God continue to provide for you to raise your kids. He will always show mercy to the responsible parent. May he continue to be there for you.

“You all look great! Keep shinning!

“When una kolobi people husband finish, una go dey justify rubbish! Snatch them or share their wandering deeks but allow them be responsible financially to their children. The women didn’t birth the kids alone! The men put their sperm there. Allow and encourage them to care for their children after you all are on your own “borning” angels wey we never see before! 

Mothers even after he is gone, legally make sure you hold his blokos to pay upkeep! They get away easily because we do it all. I regret not dragging mine. Drag him financially and with shared time. He should give his children the opportunity to know him. They should know him! I noticed it’s a war sometimes when these men decide to see their children from other women. My daughter went to visit her dad when she was 3, the other woman broke everything in the house in protest that my daughter should never come and see her dad again. She was quickly brought back home where she breathlessly.”

See photos below;

In other news, 10 Nigerian Actresses Who Gave Birth At A Young Age. Number 6 gave birth at 16 (Photos).
No doubt we have so many beautiful actresses in the Nollywood industry, but do you know some of them gave birth at a young age?

Children are indeed a source of joy to their parents. Here are 10 Nigerian actresses who became a mother before they turned 20.

1. Tayo Odueke

Tayo Odueke, better known as, Sikiratu Sindodo, welcomed her daughter Naomi when she was still a teenager.

2. Ireti Doyle

The ageless beauty had a daughter when she was 17. Her beautiful daughter is now married and we are so happy for her!

3. Shan George

Shan George got married very early, at the age of 16. She had her two boys who are now grown-up immediately after her marriage. The actress later walked out of the marriage

4. Genevieve Nnaji

The screen diva got pregnant when she was still in secondary school and became a mom at the age of 17. The name of her daughter is Theodore Chimebuka Nnaji

5. Liz Benson

The veteran actress, who got married to her first husband, Samuel Gabriel Etim at a very young age, welcomed her first child before the age of 20.

6. Omotola Jalade Ekeinde

The Nollywood actress met her pilot husband, Mathew Ekeinde at the age of 16. They got married when she was 18 and she had her first child, Princess at 19.

7. Clarion Chukwura

The actress got pregnant for Sir Shina Peters many years ago when they were dating. The actress was 18 then; now she is the proud mother of a grown-up man, Clarence Peters, who is a music director.

8. Hilda Dokubo

In an interview, the Nollywood actress revealed she got pregnant at the age of 16. In her words, “I was a very brilliant girl, and I got admission into the university at the age of 16. I became rascally and did what girls like that do. I slept with a man, and I became pregnant”.

In other news, Congratulations as Popular Nollywood Actor Nkem Owoh’s Daughter Gives birth to a bouncing baby boy today in Lagos (photos)

 The list of legends in the Nollywood sector would never be complete without the mention of Nkem Owoh. He is one of the icons who made sure that the western world accepted movies acted on Nigerian soil by Nigerian on-screen personalities globally.

Not exclusively did he travel out to perform in London, he also advertised African culture, foods, and every other way of life to the western world.

Nkem Owoh (born 7 February 1958) is a celebrated Nigerian actor, musician, comedian, and Nollywood icon.

In 2008, he won the African Movie Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role for his role in the Nigerian movie “Stronger than Pain.”

The movie, Osuofia In London was a National treasure during his prime, and it entrusted more fanbase to him

Early Life & Education
Nkem Owoh was born to an Igbo-speaking family from Enugu State on 7th February 1958. He is from Amagu Village in Udi Local Government Area, Enugu State.

We also found other sources that claim the actor was born on 17th October 1960. Since we have no confirmation from Nkem Owoh himself, we think it is important to mention this age disparity here.

Nkem Owoh was born in Enugu State, Nigeria. After primary and secondary school, he headed to the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, and studied engineering.

During his university studies, he began acting in various television and film productions.

Nkem Owoh featured in the 2003 blockbuster film Osuofia in London. He is also known for performing the song “I Go Chop Your Dollar” about advance fee fraud. The song was featured in the film The Master, in which he played a scammer.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission and the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission banned the song. In 2007 Nkem Owoh was arrested in Amsterdam, Netherlands (Bijlmermeer neighborhood in the Amsterdam Zuidoost borough) due to a seven-month investigation by the Dutch police dubbed “Operation Apollo”.

Nkem Owoh was arrested while performing a musical show when the police raided the event and arrested 111 people on suspicion of lottery fraud and immigration violations. He was later released. In November 2009. Sadly, Nkem Owoh was kidnapped in eastern Nigeria.

His kidnappers demanded a 15 million naira ransom. Nkem Owoh was released after his family members allegedly paid a ransom fee of 1.4 million naira.

Personal Life
Nkem Owoh‘s parents are from Udi as he was born there, but nothing much is known about them. he had an elder sibling by the name, Bartholomew Owoh. He is still very much alive and there’s no funeral for him contrary to the only searches.

Unfortunately, General Muhammadu Buhari ordered Bartholomew Owoh’s execution, along with two other young Nigerians, for the offense of drug trafficking. The firing squad killed the three young Nigerians publicly.

Nkem Owoh married Ngozi Nkem Owoh in 1998. The couple shares two daughters. Ngozi Nkem Owoh prefers to stay away from the public eye.

Hence, not much is known about her apart from her name. There is a common misconception that Nkem Owoh and Chinwe Owoh are married. According to Nkem Owoh, they are in-laws and not husband and wife.

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It is est.

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