My marriage… With Jaiye Kuti

How long have you been married now?

I will be married for 24 years this year.

How has it been combining your life as a businesswoman, an actor, a mother, and a wife?

Truth must be told; it has been because of the great understanding between myself and my husband. He has been a wonderful man because, in the first place, he encouraged me. When I stopped my paid employment and told him I felt like I should go into film production, he supported me telling me that I was finally on track to do what I was born to do.

He was the one who told me that I should be acting. He had great faith in me and when I wanted to give it a trial, he encouraged me. We were facing the challenges together; we understood one another and luckily, I had my mother who was taking care of my children while I was on set. My husband had an understanding that I could go two or three days and any time he needed me to be back home, I came home.

How was it being a mother and an actress at the same time?

When I gave birth to my second child in particular, my mum was available to help. She followed me to locations because I was breastfeeding until she (my child) was one year old. Then my mom stayed at home with them. I made sure that I didn’t stay in movie locations for too long. But what I did was take them to locations with me. Then they got used to it at some point, they got used to not seeing their mummy for one, two, or three days. They were used to it because they were born into it. It was not so much of a bother to the children but you as a mother would want to go home. We managed ourselves one way or the other to make it easy.

How do you think celebrities should manage their home front and their celebrity status?

You know you can’t tell an adult how they should live their lives. It is a different understanding for different marriages. This thing we call marriage is beyond loving one another. In fact, if we have to put what makes a marriage work, love will come last. Yes, you love one another but a lot of things will have to be in place first.

I can only say it takes two to tango. So, if the two of them are not working it out, I don’t see how it would work. At the end of the day, you are likely to leave the man or the man says he can no longer endure the marriage. So, if the two cannot say how they want the marriage journey to work, then it might not work, coupled with other things we don’t know. However, I know that a lot of things that affect homes are usually based on communication and understanding between the two parties.

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