My HOA wants me to pay $1.2m over an extra entrance to my driveway – my yard is not the best but I’ve not broken rules

A FURIOUS homeowner claimed his local association wanted him to pay more than $1 million in fines over a pet door.

David Moore, who has lived in the neighborhood for over a decade, claimed he has been hit with a raft of penalties.


David Moore said he was slapped with daily penalties over his pet doorCredit: KABB FOX San Antonio
He claimed he was also criticized for  the state of his lawn


He claimed he was also criticized for the state of his lawnCredit: KABB FOX San Antonio

In 2013, he alleged the Huntington Place HOA in San Antonio, Texas, was suing him over a pet door and the state of his yard, per the CBS affiliate KENS.

Moore claimed the HOA wanted at least $288,000 in damages.

He alleged the homeowner’s association complained about a pet door that has been a feature on the home since it was built in the 1990s.

Legal documents, seen by Fox affiliate KABB, revealed he was being fined $200 a day, meaning the penalty has racked up to around $1.2 million.

He claimed officials said the pet door has had an impact on the value of homes in the area.

Moore said he has also received complaints about how he keeps his yard in shape.

He claimed the homeowner’s association complained that he has been slow to take in garbage cans.

HOA officials have also raised issues over weeds in the front lawn.

Moore said at the time he does his best to maintain the state of his lawn, blaming the weather.

The HOA said it wants thousands in legal costs, but Moore is adamant that he’s done nothing wrong.

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He said he wouldn’t pay the attorney fees.

And, he put up a huge sign outside his home that revealed how much the HOA had spent on legal fees.

The U.S. Sun has approached the Huntington Place Homeowner’s Association for comment.

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