Money making many youths disrespectful — Dele Odule

A veteran actor, Dele Odule, is of the opinion that many youths are becoming disrespectful to elderly ones, because they are rich and cannot manage stardom.

In an interview with Sunday Scoop

, he said, “Some people cannot manage stardom, and they try to emulate Western culture, which is not ours. Social media is ‘eating up’ our culture. Many young ones now disrespect their elders, because they are rich, and they cannot manage stardom. It is unfortunate that they have forgotten that younger ones are coming, and they can still be overtaken. Until then, they will not realise the import of what they are doing.”

The actor also urged Nigerians to treat the country’s currency better. He said, “We should not abuse the naira. Even when I go abroad and I want to give someone a cash gift, I give them naira notes. If they cannot spend it over there, they should come home and spend it. Better still, they can use it for interior decoration, if they so wish. Some Nigerians do not even spend the naira again, and I do not blame them. But, it is unfortunate.”

Advising celebrities on how to stay safe amidst the rising insecurity in the land, Odule said, “Celebrities should be careful about their lifestyle, because when one excessively displays their lives online, they can easily be a target. I do not upload pictures/videos of myself or family members unnecessarily for online consumption, even on their birthdays, and they love it. People should be responsible with how they share details of their lives.”

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