Missing American Nancy Ng’s distraught sister slams witness who was last to see her alive for ‘refusing to speak to her’

A DEVASTATED sister has told how she can’t understand why the only witness to her sibling’s disappearance will not speak to her directly.

Nicky Ng has been begging for answers from Christina Blazek, who is believed to be the last person who saw her younger sister Nancy Ng before she vanished.


Nancy Ng disappeared after jumping into a Guatemalan lake on October 19Credit: GoFundMe
Her heartbroken sister Nicky Ng is upset that the only witness, Christina Blazek, won't speak to her about the moments leading up to Nancy's disappearance


Her heartbroken sister Nicky Ng is upset that the only witness, Christina Blazek, won’t speak to her about the moments leading up to Nancy’s disappearanceCredit: KABC

Nancy, 29, is from California and went missing while on a Guatemalan yoga retreat on October 19.

Local prosecutors believe she drowned in the Guatemalan lake, but the Ng family is still left desperately seeking answers.

They feel the only way to get any additional details about Nancy’s disappearance is through Blazek.

“I can’t understand why she wouldn’t just want to bring my family some comfort and some closure,” Nicky said, as reported by Fox News.

“If she was the last person to see Nancy alive, and it was an accident, why not just tell us that and help us?

“It just seems very strange to me.”

Eddy Rimada, the Los Angeles-based yoga instructor who led the retreat, called Nancy’s father to inform him of her disappearance at the time.

Rimada also told the family that Blazek was too traumatized by the incident to speak to them.

She has kept quiet until recently and left the retreat early after Nancy disappeared.

“We said, ‘We understand you’re traumatized, but we do need information to help with the search,'” Nicky said of her response to Rimada at the time.

Blazek’s lawyer later insisted that she did not need to speak with the family.

“She doesn’t have to talk to [the family],” the lawyer said.

Nicky is baffled that Blazek doesn’t want to talk to her family to help in their mission to find her sister.

“We’re incredibly baffled that four weeks later, she’s speaking out but through an attorney,” she said.

“If Nancy really drowned and is in the water, time is of the essence.”

The Ng family remains desperate for more information about what happened to her.

“How did she disappear so suddenly? Did she struggle? Did she scream?” Nicky asked.


Blazek was kayaking on the lake when Nancy said she wanted to take a swim in the water.

Blazek said she told Nancy not to jump because the water seemed “rough,” according to her lawyer G. Christopher Gardner.

“To say my client hasn’t done all she can is just not true,” Gardner told ABC affiliate KABC in Los Angeles.

“She tried to tell her not to swim because it was rough out there and there was a good current.”

However, Blazek said Nancy jumped in the water and her kayak started to drift off with Nancy nowhere to be seen.

Blazek said she tried numerous times to keep Nancy’s kayak close.

“She kept one leg in her kayak and one leg in the other kayak and tried to get back to her… and got close to her,” Gardner said.

“And then apparently, she lost the kayak again and she turned around to go back to get the kayak again, and when she turned back around, Ms. Ng was gone.

“When she turned back to where Ms. Ng was, Ms. Ng was not there.

“She immediately released Ms. Ng’s kayak and started screaming her name. She screamed as much as she could.”

Gardner recently released details of where the two were located on the lake when Nancy vanished.

The lawyer said Blazek wanted to see where the water changes color due to the depth, which requires going to the middle of the lake.

Nancy’s family hired a search team to look for her but they struggled for weeks due to previously having no indication of where she was last seen in the lake.

The details about the middle of the lake have been crucial in helping in the search, Fox News reported.

The U.S. Sun contacted Blazek’s attorney on Friday night and will update this story should we receive a response.

The Ng family hired Chris Sharpe of Black Wolf Helicopters to search for Nancy


The Ng family hired Chris Sharpe of Black Wolf Helicopters to search for NancyCredit: GoFundMe

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