“Mercy Eke is not bigger than everybody” – Drama ensues as Mercy walks out on Head of House Adekunle during meeting (Video)

Serious drama ensued after BBNaija housemate, Mercy Eke, walked out of a meeting convened by the Head of House, Adekunle.

The HoH convened the meeting after Mercy disobeyed the rules of the show by invading the Head of House lounge and asking Adekunle and his friends Soma, Cross, Seyi and Frodd to come out to the garden for practice.

Mercy Eke tackles Adekunle
Photo credit: MercyEke / Instagram

Adekunle and his friends refused to go to the garden, reiterating that they were tired to hold any meeting.

Mercy however criticized Adekunle’s behavior, stating that he was not acting in line with the responsibilities of a Head of House.

Provoked by Mercy’s outburst, Adekunle convened a meeting at the lounge with all the housemates, but Mercy stormed out midway.

Adekunle in his reaction made it clear that Mercy Eke is not bigger than other housemates in the house.

He said:

“At the end of the day, all the people will be Heads of House. What she just did, walking away, it’s fine. She might be head of house tomorrow. I can do the same as well. That’s just actually to make her know it’s really rubbish.

“One person is not bigger than everybody here. Me making a decision that we’re not going to have this conversation today is because everybody is tired. We’re not going to achieve anything talking tonight.”

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