May February 14 not blow up your beautiful life

My darling, precious, glorious, dignified, world-famous and heavenly celebrated Nigerian sisters,

I really just wonder what would be going on in the minds of you girls a few days to Valentine’s Day. This is a time when most secondary school girls think it’s a taboo to be a virgin. A time when a good number of them feel most desirable and loved as a result of the attention they are getting from their mates (guys) and older men. Unfortunately, too many parents are the cause of this. When they refuse to pay attention to their daughters and make them feel so special, there are some wolves out there in sheep clothing that are ever ready to do anything to sweep them off their feet and brainwash them into thinking they are doing just the right thing by falling in love with them.

On February 14, too many girls would become defiled-possibly irreparably. Some girls have promised to allow their boyfriends deflower them to celebrate that day. A lot of girls would have encounters that would be most fatal to their destiny. Many destinies would be contaminated, polluted and eventually pushed away from the path of God’s divine agenda for them. Sadly, this destiny might be one designed to compensate their parents for all the troubles they’ve been through raising up that child; it could be a destiny that is designed to rise from mud to mega-glory and shake the world. But what happens when such a destiny is truncated by the devil through one silly love affair which leads to a disastrous transference of spirit which eventually becomes a yoke which restricts that destiny and makes life very unbearable for that confused child.

I know some people would hiss and say this one lady come again just by reading the heading of this write-up! Take it or leave it- some girls as well as guys would have their lives nose-dive by their sheer stupidity and impatience as a result of Valentine’s Day! Some are going to have their lives satanically-rearranged by the devil as a result of sexual intercourse with their lovers. Some are going to give away what God has deposited in them to make them shine and prosper in life while some are going to be pushed away from who and what God has arranged to give them a most beautiful life and so much more. I should even add that in this season, a lot of girls/ladies are going to unknowingly enter into transactions that would make them beg to feed in future! This is a very serious matter! And to think some girls are bowing their heads low in spirit like a fresh widow because the guy they fancy isn’t interested in them! Haaa… Some are even ready to do the unthinkable and practically pushing their way into one guy’s heart or the other, watching porn and learning sex styles that could make him go crazy. I won’t even be surprised if some have gone diabolical just to have a Val and the best of gifts! What in the world is the problem???

A lot of youth are not enjoying life today because their mothers fell into the hands of wrong men/women and instead of them to avoid such by all means, they are already opening up their lives to what would scatter it and ensure their case is even worse than their parents’! Can you just take a chill pill and concentrate on making the most of your teens and building a wonderful life     designed for you by God and come and see whether the world’s most honourable men won’t run after you! Believe me, by the time God is done with you, you will be the one running away from men and gifts because you will have more than enough and you won’t want just anyone to have your attention- I know what I’m talking about! You will block too many men! How on earth can a queen like you allow herself, her present and future to be messed up because of a guy you may wake up one day and wonder what you ever saw in him? Please be careful! Be careful! Be careful! Your future is too great and you can have a man give you Valentine’s Day every day of the rest of your life! I pray you see reason with me and concentrate on building up your virtues/potentials which will deliver to you what money can’t buy and what no man can give you!

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