"Love Is Really Blind" – Reactions As Trending Photos Of African Couple Which Got People Worried For The ‘Small’ Girl’s Life(Photos)

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 Is love truly blind??? Herhhh, do you see what we see in the two-in-one photo below?

Well, the photo below shows an African guy chilling with his ‘small’ girlfriend.

In the two-in-one photo below, the African guy as you can see carrying his lover has one huge “asset” or “goodies” showing under.

The African dude must be over 6 feet tall whilst his girl lover is just half his height.

And looking at the height of this dude, Yours Truly BieGyaNation.Com thinks he must be playing some NBA and not this ‘small girl’. Looolx

And also looking at how ‘smallish’ the girl is, Yours Truly BieGyaNation.Com has been wondering how she has been able to handle ‘things’ thus far! Congratulations girl! ? ? ? ? ?

Well, it is said that some small things come in big packages, NOPE???

African Couple 

You never can tell the ‘package’ this ‘smallish girlfriend’ brings on board. Never!

Indeed, observers are worried and we know you are equally worried, or???

African Couple 

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