Lady weeps over Mohbad’s death 42 weeks after she dreamt about it (Video)

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An unidentified Nigerian lady burst into tears, weeping profusely over the death of Nigerian singer, Mohbad, 42 weeks after she dreamt about it.

In a recent video, the lady, whose name was not revealed, was seen crying and regretting her inability to reverse what has happened to the Nigerian singer.

Late singer, Mohbad.

She was heard saying: “I don’t know the worst part of it, I had a dream about this guy last year. I had a dream about him that he died, and I commented on his post, but he didn’t reply to me.”

“God, I prayed, I really prayed for him not to die young. Now see what is happening to him. Oooh Jesus, not now, not now.”

Her statement attracted the attention of individuals who have taken to the comment page to react.

See some reactions below:

@Kitogh8: “So what’s the essence of the dream if even prayers couldn’t have stopped it.”

@Austinesmart7: “So bad people don’t pay attention to scaring dreams this days.”

@Deribb: “People think everything is for clout, until it gets serious.”

@_RMBY: “Sadly most celebrities are crowed with the world and they turn to forget themselves.”

@israelleventis: “The truth is, there’s always someone out there who had sense this black day of mohbad.”

@Oladapomikky1: “Omo. Make celebrities dei try check comment section too, no be everybody dei beg. Some dei pass important message.”


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