Kannywood actress, Aisha Humaira, promises to offset late Bono’s debts

A Kannywood actress, Aisha Humaira, has promised to settle all the debts incurred by her former colleague, Aminu S. Bono, who died on Monday after a brief illness.

In a condolence message on her Instagram handle, Ms Humaira urged those with genuine claims to come forward, promising to pay off his debts.

She said: “I call on everyone who is owing Aminu S. Bono money or has sold anything to him on credit and was yet to pay before his death to come forward.


“By God’s grace, I will offset the debt so long as it is not beyond my power.

“If the person wants to get the money even before his funeral, I will relieve him of all the burdens as long as it is not beyond my power.” Ms Humaira added.

According to Islamic law, all debts owed by a dead person are to be paid before burial.


While attesting to the good character of the deceased, the actress urged those whom he had offended to forgive him.

“No doubt, Aminu S. Bono is a nice man. I have known him for a while now. And we have never had any misunderstandings since we became friends.

“He helped me a lot and I will definitely miss him. I pray Allah forgives his shortcomings.

“And I’m asking for forgiveness from everyone whom he might have offended, knowingly or unknowingly,” she added.

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