“It was good until it wasn’t” – Reality Tv star, Vee opens up on last relationship (Video)

Reality Tv star and singer, Vee opens up about her experience in her last relationship and why she called it quits with them.

Vee was a guest on Stephanie Coker’s podcast, where she shared her thoughts on relationships and why a lot of people get hurt.

The singer, who was previously in a relationship with fellow Tv star, Neo stated that many single people are “mad” and still carry the hurt experienced from their previous relationships around.

She says this is why a lot of hurt people are out there hurting other people. Vee reveals that her last relationship ended on a mutual note and as much as it did, she was left hurt for months.

However, she has been able to pick herself up and grow, and that is the difference between her and others, who are single.

“it was good until it wasn’t and then we went our separate ways…we ended on mutual terms but I didn’t expect to be that hurt”, Vee noted.

See video below;

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