“Including your mother and sisters” – Victoria Inyama slams White Money for saying no woman is out of any man’s league

Popular actress, Victoria Inyama has blasted the living daylight out of BBNaija star, White Money for saying that no woman is above a man’s league.

The reality star had gone online to share relationship advice with men. He had said that no woman is above any man so long as the man has is wealthy.

This stirred mixed reactions from netizens, particularly from the womenfolk.

Victoria Inyama, who commented on this said that by referring to women in general, it also includes White Money’s mother and sisters.

She continued by saying that when a child is raised by a particular type of woman, the child generalizes his disgust for his mother by generalizing all women to be like his mother.

In her words, she wrote:

“Including his mother and sisters….when a child is raised by a ‘type ‘ of mother….it’s only typical he projects his disgust of his mother by generalising all women to be like his mom….but we are not like her ….”

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