‘I’m not leaving,’ homeowner says after getting notice to leave house over carport canopy – he has days to change it

A HOMEOWNER has refused to leave after receiving a lien notice from his city’s officials for his carport canopy.

Orlando Capote of Coral Gables, Florida, has been at war with the city for years over his home, which is located in the middle of a development.


Orlando Capote of Coral Gables refuses to leave his homeCredit: WSVN
The city sent him a 'Notice of Intent to Lien' that claimed he owned $30,000 in fines


The city sent him a ‘Notice of Intent to Lien’ that claimed he owned $30,000 in finesCredit: WSVN

The city left a “Notice of Intent to Lien” at his home, which claimed that Capote owed the city almost $30,000 in fines.

The notice concerns Capote’s carport canopy, which he told local Fox affiliate WSVN had been set up next to his home for decades.

“I’m not leaving,” he told WSVN.

“What was decided after a series of meetings with the city was that we would apply for a permit for the material to cover the structure, and we did that on November 1, 2023.

“But now [the city is] saying, ‘Once you apply for a building permit, you get six months to get it done, and after six months, you can actually apply for another six-month extension.’”

The homeowner is gathering the necessary materials so that the canopy complies with the city’s rules.

“This has been years of this harassment because all they want to do is take a home from us,” Capote told WSVN.

“It’s a constant psychological attack on us.”

In an email to WSVN, city officials claimed a lien was not put on Capote’s property.

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The city also told the local station that they had not fined Capote.

Despite their attempts to backtrack, WSVN confirmed that Capote had received a notice from the city informing him that he owed hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines.

Capote told WSVN that his family immigrated to the United States for a better life, but pressure from city officials has made maintaining his long-time family home difficult.

“This is just one more incident in a long series of incidents to make my life miserable so I will leave,” Capote told WSVN.

The U.S. Sun has reached out to the city of Coral Gables for comment.

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