I’m an ex-Sephora employee – we’re trained to never to accuse people of stealing, instead we use ‘kindness’ to stop them

AN ex-Sephora worker revealed details on the way they were trained to handle potential shoplifters in their stores.

This former staff member claimed they were taught to never accuse people of stealing.


An ex-employee at Sephora has claimed they were trained to use kindness as an anti-theft method at stores to prevent shopliftingCredit: Getty

A conversation on shoplifting and employee practices to prevent it started after a Redditor shared a story of their experience when they were allegedly accused of theft.

In a thread on the forum r/TrueOffMyChest, a user (@Miracle394) claimed an employee accused them of attempting to conceal a blush. 

The shopper said they were allegedly made to empty their pockets and take off their jacket at the front of the store. 

“At this time I was entering a panic attack and kept telling her I wasn’t stealing and trying to explain,” the user wrote.

The Redditor then claimed another employee told them to pay for the blush and made them wait in line.

Another Reddit user and supposed former employee then responded to the initial post and shared their experience of anti-theft training from when they worked at the store.

User Fax5jrj alleged that staff in stores across the United States were trained to approach potential shoplifters in a friendly way. 

They said: “In America you’re supposed to greet everyone you suspect of stealing with over the top kindness and essentially guilt them/get them to decide to not steal the item through kindness lol.”

It is unclear from the initial post which country the Sephora store in question noted by Miracle394 was located in.

The U.S. Sun has contacted Sephora for further comment on its anti-theft practices and if the claims of using kindness as a stealing prevention method are accurate.

Other retail workers in the Reddit thread told the user that anti-theft training differs from retailer to retailer and country to country.

User Naturemom noted in Canada that employees who suspect someone to be shoplifting are supposedly trained to follow them around the store and converse with them casually until security arrives.

“(Canadian here) I work in retail, and before, fast food for 10 years. It was drilled into me if someone is trying to steal, you let them (this was more-so for fast food, as they are likely trying to get money from your till). In retail, if you suspect someone of shoplifting, you make conversation and follow them around the store,” they wrote.

“It’s all about your safety (as an employee)…it can be about the safety of the customers too.”

Others, like user Threelizards, argued that a search and seizure similar to the one Miracle394 claimed occurred with them is never allowed.

“Also retail employees have absolutely no authority to detain, search a person, or force a purchase.”

“This is so f**ked up.”

User F1newhatever echoed similar claims.

“Fyi, they can’t detain you lol, you are under no obligation to do anything a sales associate tells you to do,” they argued.

“If it ever happens again just put the blush down and leave.”

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