“I will never marry a virgin, they believe virginity is their pride and value” – Nedu Wazobia

Controversial media personality, Nedu Wazobia says he will never marry a virgin because they believe their virginity is their pride.

nedu wazobia

nedu wazobia

The media personality made this comment during their conversation on his ‘Honest Bunch Podcast’ with his fellow co-host and guest, Juliana Olayode.

According to Nedu Wazobia, he will never get married to a virgin because girls who are not virgins tend to make better decisions than those who are virgins. He stated that those girls who remain virgins till marriage often pride themselves on it and make them misbehave.

“In his Words”

“If I want to marry, I would not get marry to someone who’s a virgin and I will tell you why. I think girls that are not virgins tends to make better decisions, those girls that are virgins, they believe, oh this is my pride, my virginity is my pride, it’s my value, I’m a 30 Year Old and I’m a virgin and I kept it to myself”, Nedu Wazobia said and it stirred massive reactions from the general public.

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