‘I should feel like the bank has my back,’ says PNC customer as $9k wiped from account despite following their orders

A BANK account holder said $9,000 vanished from his account after he received a message on his phone.

Craig Himmel Jr. from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, around 10 miles west of Harrisburg, said the money unexpectedly left his PNC Bank account.


Craig Himmel Jr. $9,000 vanished from his PNMC Bank account (stock image used)Credit: Getty

Himmel said he received a notification from PNC that said the password to his online account had been changed, according to Penn Live.

He then claimed he was sent another message from his bank that said a phone number had been added to online banking. 

Himmel also said a Zelle account had been created with his account.

The account holder alleged that these changes had not been made by him and explained he contacted his bank.

Himmel said that his bank gave him a set of instructions to follow that would protect his money. 

This reportedly included changing his password, username, and deleting the added phone number and the Zelle account.

Despite this, Himmel claimed $9,000 was unexpectedly taken out of his account two days later.

PNC later refunded the money to Himmel but the customer said he was shocked by his ordeal.

The account holder said that a PNC worker told him that someone had walked into a branch with ID and a credit card with Himmel’s name on it.

This incident supposedly occurred at a location in Silver Spring Township and the individual took out the $9,000.

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“It’s scary for me to think I put my money into a bank and somebody walks in and takes all of it,” he said.

Although his money was returned, Himmel explained why he was upset at his bank.

“Anyone with a PNC account knows that security there is not working,” he said.

“Their whole system was breached.

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  • Chase Bank warns customers to “never return any unexpected funds without calling Chase first.”
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“Somebody walked in with a fake ID and they missed it and handed somebody $9,000 in cash.”

He also added that he planned on switching to a different bank, after using PNC for eight years,  because of this situation.

“I should feel like the bank has my back,” he said.

The bank told Penn Live that it could not comment on specific case details.

“The security of our customers’ accounts is our top priority, and while we can’t comment on the specific details of this investigation, we can confirm that we are working toward a resolution with the customer,” a PNC official said.

The Mechanicsburg Police said the incident was under investigation.

The U.S. Sun has reached out to PNC for comment.

Other bank account holders have reported instances of apparent scams that have lost them thousands of dollars.

One senior claimed she lost $15,000 after she hung up on a suspected scam call, The U.S. Sun has previously reported.

Himmel was handed the lost $9,000 by PNC but he said he would choose to switch banks anyway (stock image used)


Himmel was handed the lost $9,000 by PNC but he said he would choose to switch banks anyway (stock image used)Credit: Getty

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