‘I said no,’ Walmart shopper fumes after being stopped for receipt check – but they’d already done good deed for day

A WALMART self-checkout shopper refused to be stopped for a receipt probe – as she had already done her good deed for the day.

She had rushed to help free a fellow customer trapped inside her local store.


Walmart customers shouldn’t always be stopped for receipt checks, says one shopper (stock image)Credit: Getty

Amy, a clinical social worker from Alabama, said on Saturday that she had been shopping when she spotted a woman trapped by fallen items.

“At Walmart, I helped a woman with mobility issues after she knocked over several boxes of camp chairs,” said Amy, who works as a counselor at the Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women.

“On my way out, the guy at the exit asked for my receipt,” she posted on X/Twitter.

“And when I said ‘no’ he said, ‘it doesn’t work that way’.”

Amy explained that she then hurled an expletive at the staffer, to show her displeasure at the request.

“So, where do I stand on karma for today?” she asked.

The U.S. Sun has contacted Walmart for comment.


Her fury at being stopped for a receipt check has been replicated at other branches, with customers telling similar stories about refusing to hand over proof of purchase.

But some Walmart staff are hitting back at complaints, saying that it was up to shoppers to do more to help themselves at self-checkout aisles.

One annoyed employee shared a tale over Easter weekend about cash-paying customers using “card payments only” lanes.

“Once they scan a huge order, they stand there trying to figure out where to put the cash.

“They call me over, and ask, ‘where does the cash go?’

“When I explain the situation is card-only, I get a lecture of how I need to put a sign on it.

THAT’S NOT RIGHT’ ‘Check your receipt!’ warns Walmart shopper ‘overcharged at checkout – then had to wait 20 minutes to get money back’

“I try to explain it’s on the screen when they walked up to it.”

The Walmart staffer said she was criticized as a “liar” in response.

“I suspend their transaction to move to a cash station, then point to the blue screen and show them [the notification].


“I am then informed it wasn’t there when they walked up to it.

“Is it really that hard to look before scanning?”

“You could put a big neon sign and they still won’t see it,” joked one woman.

What a shame when you have to take classes to buy from an establishment.

Walmart customer

But one Walmart employee said that while working in her branch, she also hangs a sign at cash-only registers.

“And they still try to put cash into it.

“I tell them it’s card-only and they yell at me that there should be a sign.

“I point to it, and then they don’t know what to say – but it’s never an apology for yelling at me!”


However, the staffers’ complaints about fuming shoppers prompted one Walmart customer to point out that people are often just too busy to read all the signage.

“I am not a cashier!” he said while recalling a frustrating self-checkout experience.

“I was in a hurry and did not look at the stupid machine!

Top 5 receipt checking tips from a lawyer

Camron Dowlatshahi, a Los Angeles attorney, spoke to The U.S. Sun about receipt checks and customer’s rights and options when it came to being asked to show your receipt.

  1. There has been a lot of debate around the legality of a retailer asking to see your receipt, but if it is within the store, it is completely legal. “There’s seemingly nothing illegal about that. You’re still on the company’s premises and their reason to do it is to prevent thefts,” Dowlatshahi confirms.
  2. However, if they are chasing you out of the store, that changes things, Dowlatshahi said. “Location matters,” he explained. “If you’re outside of the store you’re in the parking lot and they come and start accusing you of theft and that you have to show your receipt, I think that’s a bit of a different situation because now you’re on your way.”
  3. While customers are allowed to say no to receipt checks, it may cause issues if you do and the store suspects you of stealing. “You can say no, maybe it creates an unnecessary hassle for yourself because now you may have the police come to your house and follow up,” said Dowlatshahi.
  4. If you are being barred from leaving a store because you refused a receipt check, you could have a legal case — but the store must have held you for a long time. “Let’s say it’s for hours, that’s certainly false imprisonment, and they didn’t have any impetus for doing so,” Dowlatshahi explained. “If a customer has been emotionally traumatized by being held for false imprisonment, I would definitely encourage [them] to sue.”
  5. “I would say, show your receipt,” he concluded. “It’s just a really simple thing to do. If you didn’t steal anything, it’s relatively simple to do,” the lawyer advised.

“I rang up my goods and expected to pay for them. Not a chance at Walmart.

“What a shame when you have to take classes to buy from an establishment.

“I was fortunate to have an employee of Walmart to help me – without complaining.

“She was very kind about the entire event.”

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