I Enjoy My Dad More Than My Boyfriend, I Want Him To Divorce My Mum For Me Girl Reveals

 An unidentified 23years old girl left people in shock when she posted an intimate picture of she and her dad on facebook and profesed how much she loves him soo much.

See post and photos below;


23 Year old girl in Maun explains why she enjoys sex with her father than any other guy she has met before. Naledi who refused to go for tertiary education to stay with her father (56) wrote to us why she wants her family and the general public to accept her relationship with her father.

” love my father, he is handsome and very caring. My ex boyfriends were all stingy but my dad gives me more than P6000 a month and I drive all his cars anytime I want to.

We started having s6x after completing my form five when I was 17 years old and I dont want to leave him to go for tertiary because my mom might shift his attention from me Everytime I see him with my mother.

I become so jealous more so that I once thought of poisoning het to death. Dad told me im so good in bed than mom who always gets tired before completing round 1. My dad and I can do 6 rounds of sex a night and I really enjoy it.

I want him to marry me and want to tell my mother about it but dont know how to tell her.

Please Botswana Online Magazine help me. How should I tell her?


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