‘I don’t want to come back,’ shopper groans as wild anti-theft move embarrasses him on way out the door

A TRIP to the grocery store has left a customer feeling humiliated after his carriage stopped due to their anti-shoplifting security.

The shopper was leaving Zehrs grocery store in Waterloo, Ontario when his cart’s wheels suddenly locked.


A shopper was incredibly embarrassed after a recent trip to the grocery storeCredit: YouTube/ CBS NEWS: THE NATIONAL
He explained that the wheels locked all on their own as he exited the store


He explained that the wheels locked all on their own as he exited the storeCredit: YouTube/ CBS NEWS: THE NATIONAL

“Then the alarm started blaring all at the same time,” Mark Barry told local CBC station CBC K-W.

“[It was] Incredibly embarrassing. People walking in all of a sudden, staring at me like I’ve stolen something.”

Barry told the outlet that he had to show employees his receipt to prove he had paid for his items and to get his wheels unlocked.

However, Barry now feels very differently about returning to the store.

“I don’t want to come back to this store anymore.”

The Retail Council of Canada said that shoplifting has increased across all categories of merchandise which is why so many stores have upped their anti-theft security.

They also said there is an alarming trend of repeat offenders and people using violence to commit their crimes.

“Retailers report that incidents of retail theft that involve some form of violence have increased 300% over the past four years,” the Council said on its website.

Other customers also spoke to the outlet about their experience with anti-theft at stores.

“It was just belligerent,” said Diane Ray when she tried to leave Walmart on her mobility scooter but was stopped by an employee at the metal gates – another new anti-theft measure.

‘Too difficult to bother,’ shopper says of wild new anti-theft measure requiring phone scan just to take item off shelf

Ray claimed that the employee asked to see her receipt and asked her multiple questions before letting her go.

“I felt humiliated and angry. I felt like I was being treated unfairly and unjustly.”

A lawyer told the station that a store cannot stop you from leaving unless they have caught you stealing.

“If they’re blocked from leaving and you haven’t done anything wrong, that indicates that they’ve engaged in potential false imprisonment,” customer advocate Daniel Chai said.

Chair said this could open them up to a possible lawsuit.

The U.S. Sun has previously reported on a lawyer who believes Walmart has no right to check receipts at the door.

“In Walmart, there is no law that allows a store to demand that you show your receipt,” Attorney Clay Payne said.

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